Who Is A North Carolina Girl Again? This Girl!  2

Hey yall!

Reporting to you live from our little cutie patootie home on wheels! Aka, our camper’s paradise! Ha! So if you’ve been keeping up with me lately, you know that we recently moved back home to the Lake Norman area of NC, right outside of Charlotte. Our home is still on the market in West Virginia, so instead of rushing to buy a new place down here, we decided to just save money and stay in my hubby’s parents’ over sized camper. Yall, it has been a trip for sure!

As yall know, at first, I was so unsure about this. I seriously thought my hubs was crazy when he even talked about this. But after long discussions and seeing all the pros, we decided to just go for it! Hey, we are young, why not have a crazy adventure that we can look back on 10 years from now and tell our kids about, right?! It really hasn’t been that bad yall! I think I was so upset at first because I am such a homebody and love decorating and rearranging and such. Trust me, I still love those things, but I have found that I am enjoying spending money on new adventures, restaurants, and new places instead of just on material things, like home decor. Don’t get me wrong, I still love shopping (ha!), but I’m ok not having a place to decorate for now. Am I still anxious about our house selling? Yes. Definitely. Of course I want it to sell so we can get a new home, I’m ready to host a big party for my family and friends! But, I have discovered that I feel more at peace knowing it will happen, the house will sell when the time is right.

So for now, the hubs and I, along with our 2 furry companions, are enjoying our time in this camper! I’ve added some homey touches to it, especially on the outside! Let me show yall a picture of our little entryway!


Notice the adorable garden flag that says Campers Paradise! I just had to get that! I found the rug at World Market and the plants at Lowes! It just makes it seem more homey! I still have to pot the plants, and I also bought some adorable string lights from World Market to hang on it as well!

One thing the hubs did before I actually moved in was buy new memory foam pads for the bed and the couch. And let me tell ya, the bed in this thing is more comfy than our tempurpedic!! Those definitely help make this space much more comfortable. The air works phenomenal! You may think, umm okay…? But for this girl, that means the world yall! I can’t stand to be hot, and like I’ve mentioned, I’m not really the “camping” type, so having good A/C makes me definitely feel like I’m “glamping!” Ha!

Yall, first of all I just want to say, I am so beyond happy! Is this what “normal” people feel like who don’t worry everyday?? I mean seriously! I’ve had nothing to worry about–other than sometimes the house–and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to not worry about every little thing. I used to come home from work, flooded with worry and stress. Always thinking, what if? I don’t feel that way at all anymore! It is amazing! Like I said, I still worry a little over the house, but it is nothing like what I was experiencing when I was teaching everyday. Leaving teaching was seriously the best decision I ever made. I feel like me again! A new, refreshed version of myself! I find it funny that some people still think it is a horror story that I left teaching–in the sense of, how could you do that!?—yeah, I still get the negativity. Insane right? I still don’t understand how some people just can’t be happy for you. They don’t have to agree with my decision, but can’t they just accept it, it’s not like it’s their life, right? But as I have gotten older, and especially since this past year, I have started getting a thicker skin and just trying my very best to not worry about others. Because the saying is so true, no matter what you do, people are going to think what they want to think! And as for us southern gals, we can just say bless your heart!

You know what is really exciting?? Now that I have caught yall up on that little bit, I don’t feel the need to talk about teaching anymore. It already feels like a lifetime ago! So now, I feel like I can move forward with my little ol’ blog here! So some big changes are coming! I am one of those people who has the most eclectic mind, yeah that is the best way to put it! I have a 100 different things going on at once! I’ve been wanting to change up my blog, but couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do. I read a lot about having a focus, well if you know me, that is almost impossible! Ha! So then I started thinking, there is so much more to me than home decor. I absolutely adore home decor, but sometimes I don’t have things to blog about, especially now that we are in this kind of awkward phase! So I decided to of course keep a section on the website dedicated to home decor, but I am also going to have a section on the website called My Diary! Sometimes, I just feel like rambling and getting my thoughts out, you know what I mean? So that part of the website is going to be just that! Days I don’t have anything home decor related to talk about, but I still want to get on here and talk to yall! Bear with me through these changes! We recently changed the background on the home page, and I don’t like it! I have to get the hubby to change it for me! So please stay tuned to all the changes!

So in this post, I kind of wanted to sum up some of the things that we have been up to since moving back! It is going to be hard for me to catch yall up on all the happenings that have been going on so far, so bear with me as I try! As soon as I got home we hit the ground running! My mom and I spent 2 girls days together, and they were perfect! On that first Monday, we drove up to Blowing Rock/Boone and spent the day antiquing and shopping around! We also stopped by Valley Crusis–goodness that spelling is probably butchered!–and the Moses Cone Mansion. These places have the most gorgeous scenery and views! Here are some pictures from our first day!


Blowing Rock seriously has the cutest little shops!





The General Store in Valley Crusis is so charming and still so vintage!







Beautiful old school bell!


My mom!






A side view from the Moses Cone Mansion–swoon!




Ok seriously, can I just move in today?!





My mom and I!

Alrighty so that was our first girls day! The next day we spent time shopping around our local area! We went to several antique shops and ate at  a yummy, new to us little cafe in downtown Concord! Here are some pictures from that day!–Seriously, these antique store booths are so swoonworthy yall!!














And I just had to snap a quick little picture of my yummy turkey club for lunch! It was delicious!

After all that antiquing, yall know I had made some purchases! Here’s my little haul!



Ok yall! I know that is not much of a catch up, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with my ramblings! Ha! I will post again to share a picture update! I hope yall have enjoyed reading today! Stay tuned for some major changes coming to the website! Eek! I can’t wait!

Until next time!



Hey Dana! Sorry for my late response! We visited The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC, The Oak Street Mill in Cornelius, NC, and then the other places were in Boone and Blowing Rock, NC!

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