When Crafting Goes Horribly Wrong!!  5

Hey yall!

So crafting, I love it! It soothes my soul and it calms me. So when I was scrolling through my FaceBook feed this morning and saw that Liz Marie (www.lizmarieblog.com) had this adorable picture frame terrarium diy post she was talking about, and I knew I had to try it! I was in the mood to craft, and I had all the things I needed to make this project. Easy shee-mez right? WRONG!

Yall, I had quite the adventure today getting to this final product. Let me show you the end result of what I made, it turned out beautifully, but it was not all fun and giggles to get there!


It is so cute! Like I said, I take no credit for coming up with this! I found it via lizmarieblog.com!

Ok, so you know how I said it was not easy shee-mez? Well let me tell ya why. It had nothing to do with the directions or anything like that, it had to do with super glue. Super glue. Oh super glue. So all you needed for this project was 4 4×6 frames, 2 5×7 frames, and 2 8×10 frames plus a hot glue fun and some spray paint. Well, like I said, I had the frames laying around and some white spray paint. What I could not find was my glue gun, with the move I must have packed it up somewhere, and now I have no idea where it is. I didn’t want to go buy a new one so I thought, hey I can use this gorilla super glue–it said it worked on basically everything, plastic included. So I thought, ok this is going to be easy!

I went outside and spray painted my dollar store frames, no problem at all! After they dried, I came in to start the assembly process. I took my super glue and connected the 5×7 frames with the 8×10 frames. No problem, the glue worked perfectly. It literally took me like 2 minutes. So I was feeling really good about this little project.

Feeling good that is until I got to the roof. Oh the roof. For some reason the super glue was just not working. Yall, I kid you not I messed with that roof for over 30 minutes. I can’t begin to tell you the bad words that were flowing through my mind! Ha! I noticed the glue was getting on my hands a little–and I know you are not supposed to get it on you–so I quickly wiped it away–well I thought I did. I thought it was gone because it was not sticky or anything anymore. Welp, yall, I was wrong, very wrong.

After fighting with the roof pieces for over 30 minutes I gave up. Little did I know, because I was so wrapped up in trying to bond the pieces, that the glue was getting really stuck to me. You might think, how did you not know it was getting on you? Well yall I was so wrapped up in getting that dang roof on there that I was in a zone! Ha! So when I ended up stepping away and looking at my hands, I about died!!

I looked down at my hands, and they were covered in glue!! And when I say covered, I mean covered. They were white where the glue had dried. I literally could not feel my fingertips. My first thought was oh crap! What am I going to do??? Then I thought, ok, maybe nail polish remover will work. So I ran down the hallway like a mad woman, and started rummaging in my bathroom drawers for nail polish remover. And let me tell you, when you can’t feel your finger tips, it is not easy to look through things. And what do you know? I had no finger nail polish remover. Double crud! So I ran back up the hall and got my phone.

Well, when your fingers are coated in super glue and you can’t feel your finger tips, it is almost impossible to push the buttons on an iPhone. You should have seen me trying to push the buttons so I could look up what to do. Online I read that soaking them in hot, soapy water and then using the nail polish would help. Well, I thought I could soak them in the soapy water and then regain enough feeling in them to drive down to the dollar store for nail polish remover. Because I was honestly scared to drive because I could not feel my fingers! So I started to soak them, and I started to try to pull the glue off. Yall, pain!!! Pain!! That is what I felt. Literally, when I pulled just a little glue off, it pulled a layer of skin. My next thought was Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to go to the ER or Urgent Care. I didn’t want to call Nick because he had told me to be careful if I do a little project since I’m up here alone. I thought, jeez he will freak out! Ha! But who would have thought this was a dangerous project?? So instead of calling my hubs, I called my mom. When I told her what was happening, we both started dying laughing. Because let’s face it, this is the most ridiculous thing that could happen. Like something out of a movie. I talked to her for a little until I thought I had peeled off enough glue–well skin–to where I could drive down to the store and get some nail polish remover.

So I drove down to the store with mangled hands to get myself some nail polish remover. I was so embarrassed yall, before leaving the house, I noticed I had it up on my lower arms too–good grief!!! I’m sure I looked ridiculous. But no matter how embarrassed I was, I wanting that dang terrarium! I wanted to finish it. So I also grabbed a glue gun. Ha!

I got home, plugged the glue gun in–yep my priorities were to finish that craft first, haha!–and what do you know? It took me 2 minutes to put the roof on with the hot glue gun!! It worked perfectly! Hind sight is 20/20 right? I should have just went and bought a new glue gun instead of trying to use the super glue. So once I got the terrarium done, I went to soak my hands in the nail polish remover. It worked pretty well! I still have some on me, and my fingertips are a little sore, but I just had to blog this experience with yall! The day the crafts turned on me! But seriously, no matter how ridiculous or painful it was, it is hilarious. It is a funny memory that I will have! I also will not be using super glue again! Beware the super glue yall!

So now that I told yall about my crazy craft day, let me show you the end result!


Look how cute it turned out! And do you see the butterfly mug? I did a little DIY project what that too! I got the white mug at the Dollar Store and bought the butterfly stickers and just stuck it on the mug. Super easy! I also distress painted that little plant holder.


It is supposed to be open like this on the sides, I think it is so charming!








Can yall spy that little sign in the back? I also DIY-ed it too! I will do a separate little post on it, so you can really see it!











And there you have it yall! My cutie little terrarium that I made following what I had seen via lizmarieblog.com! It turned out super cute, but was a journey to get to the end result! Yall, use the hot glue gun!! It seriously would have been a 5 minute project if I had started with the hot glue gun! That is my tip–hot glue gun=best friend for this project! My other tip is only use super glue if you are a trained professional–HAHA!

What do yall think of this little project??

Until next time!


Love love, I have looked at little terrarrium, always more than I wanted to pay. Will have to wait until after the fourth – maybe!!! Excited, but still not driving myself…

Hey Betty! Thank you! I know what you mean about the prices of them! Hope you find one soon sweet friend!

Oh boy I think we are Kindred Spirits at least in the” I should have gone and gotten the glue gun first idea!” I have done the same crazy thing with was super glue and I glued my fingers together! Do you know what works? Goo Gone! So I would advise keeping a large container of Goo Gone on hand for all these kinds of issues! It amazes me how it can get that glue off! This is such a super cute project I’m going to have to do it too, but I’m going to make sure I have my glue gun ready first!

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