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Hey yall!

So I sat here and started typing up a blog post about our little living situation for when we get back home to NC in less than 2 weeks (EEEEEEKKKKKKK! Cue the shrill squealing!), but then I decided to wait on it just for a little while! I have been doing so much of that lately. Typing up posts then deciding to not share them yet, any of my other fellow blogger friends like that?? But I will definitely be sharing this one because I will be having a whole new section to my website based on what I’m talking about in the post! Stay tuned!

So this weekend I made a trip back home to NC, and while I was there I just had to shop, yeah I just had to! I blogged on Friday about The Depot at Gibson Mill, my vintage paradise, and today I wanted to share with yall some of my finds! Before I get into that though, can I just share a little about my weekend? If that is ok with yall! So like I said, Friday I spent the day by myself, shopping at the Depot and then I went back to my parents house to rest and write up a blog post! Once my hubby and other family members were off work, we went over to Nick’s parents’ house to look at our new little living situation until our house sells–the post I just wrote is all about this, I promise I’ll share it soon!–and then we went out to eat! We were all exhausted after a long day and we knew we were going to have a busy Saturday so we called it an early night! On Saturday, the hubs took me, my mom, and my brother to see where his new job is over in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte. It is so nice over there yall! We also went over there so we could go to Trader Joes. The hubs and I have been wanting to go there, and we were not disappointed! We loved it! The flowers are spot on and so cheap!! They also had a ton of little herb plants. We got some of the delicious cookie butter everyone talks about, and OMG it was amazing!! We also got some salsas and such, and it was all spot on! We will be going back. Who gets so excited over a little market? This girl! Afterwards, we went and ate lunch at a yummy spot called The Big View Diner, it was amazing! If you are ever in the Ballantyne area, you have to eat there! Great atmosphere and yummy food. We shopped around at a few other places too, and then we went back to the hubby’s parents’ house to enjoy dinner together! It was a great weekend. I still don’t think it has sunk in yet that I am going to be going home for good! Gosh, it’s unreal and so, so exciting! Soon, I won’t be having to say goodbye on Sundays and have to drive back up the mountain. EEEEEKKKKK!!

So now let’s get to talking about the amazing little finds I scored this weekend! Yall, I love antique shopping with my mom especially, but it was really nice to peruse the junk by myself in my zone. I felt like one with the junk. Ha! On this trip, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and I wasn’t looking for any big pieces. I just wanted some small things to add some detail. It is all about the details yall when decorating! So imagine me going up and down the Depot, thinking to myself, oooohhh I need that, put into the buggy, oooooh and I need that, and put into the buggy. Ha! But really, I did good and didn’t buy too much! Now I was going down one section of the Depot, when something just caught my eye. I hurried my little self up, rushing that buggy down the aisle, like someone was going to grab my treasure before I got it–when there was like no one in there, ha!–and low and behold, guess what it was??!! A vintage tulip bulb crate from Holland! Eek!! It was amazing! I have seen JoAnna Gaines decorate a lot with them, and have admired them from afar, but when I saw the price on it, I was blown away! The ones I have seen online are not cheap, this one was cheaper than any I have seen online, so that thing went straight in my buggy! Score!! I was happy as a little lark going though the rest of the store! Ha! I haven’t really found a place to put it yet, so for now, it is in my office hanging out with some of my other goodies that will find a home when we get a new home in NC! The other treasures have found homes so I wanted to share them with yall! Are yall ready?

The first thing I want to share with yall is my cutie little metal letters I found! I did a little DIY project with them today–I need to blog about that too another day! using terra cotta pots! Now it has been stormy, the sun was out for a little this morning, but we are back to storming!, so the pictures aren’t the best today yall! Sorry! It is really dark and gloomy out so I tired to do the best with what mother nature was giving me! Ok, here are the letters!


So I made a little terra cotta pot garland! I just took some white paint and sandpaper and distressed them a little, then strung them on this string from Hobby Lobby! Then I added some greens and my cutie little letters that spell out Farm! I love it in this space!






















Ok, here are some of the other treasures!


Do yall see the little sign with the days of the week? Yeah, that is from a movie theater! They used it to show movie times! How cool, huh? The little knick knack items were really speaking to me this weekend! And yall know I am a number junkie! I found  this little metal number and just had to get it!








I found a whole bag of these Bingo cards! They even had the little markers with them!










I’m probably a weirdo, but I love old mail and letters! I found this little bundle and had to get them!




And do you spy my little bust? Yeah, he is pretty cute! I just thought he was neat looking!


And there you have it yall! Just a few of the things I scored this weekend! I’ll leave you with this little sneak peek of my bulb crate! I have big plans for her when we get settled into a new home! To some it looks like just a square wood opened box, but for us vintage/antique lovers, this is gold!! Alright yall, I am off to feed my fur babies and clean up the house a little! Until next time!


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