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Hey yall!

Well let me just say there has been a ton that has happened since the last time I blogged! First of all, I turned 27–and this is going to be the best year yet! And oh yeah, there may have been a huge life event that happened!! Ok, are yall ready for this? Mr. Cozy Cat, aka my hubby, accepted a job as a firmware engineer in Charlotte, NC!! And yall know what that means?? This girl is going HOME!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!! Honestly, I don’t think either one of us could be more excited. It still feels surreal to me, after 4 years of living up here, we are finally getting to go back home and be with our families!

We are both from the Lake Norman area so it will be so nice to see our families on a regular basis. I am a huge family girl, so being up here away from them for 4 years has been brutal. With everything that has happened this school year, it has been almost unbearable not having my mama and all my other family nearby for support and comfort. Seriously, when my hubby told me he accepted the job I cried yall. Tears of pure happiness!! West Virginia is beautiful, but it is not our home. I have not been happy here since we moved here (hubby’s job). If this is your home and you are from here, then of course this is a special place for you. But for me, not having my family has just not worked for me! Also, Nick and I both are very on the go, busy, out and about people. We are used to tons of stores, restaurants, breweries, just things to do. The part of WV that we are in just doesn’t have that. So like I said, this is a beautiful place, but it just isn’t the lifestyle that we are used to. If you are from here, please do not take offense to that! I don’t mean anything bad, I’m just saying it isn’t our lifestyle, what we are used to. So I will be thrilled to be back home and get back to what I am used to and love!

I’m still not ready to go into all the details of this past year, and I don’t know if I ever will be, but yall know it has been rough. Honestly, it has been one of the worst years of my life. Anxiety and depression that has stemmed from reasons that were uncalled for. When we leave here, I want to forget about it all. So if I never end up talking about it, just know there were some dark times brought on by reasons that were just ridiculous. Seriously, I don’t even know what else to call some of these things! So we will go with that. Ha! I feel like living up here and going through these things have made me seem like someone I’m not. Everyone who knows me well, my family and real friends, know I am a happy, kind, bubbly, funny person! I always have been! I have never been a depressed person, ever. That has solely been due to some factors that have stemmed from things that have happened here. It makes me sad that I may not appear that way here. But, this will soon be a chapter in my life categorized in the past, and the next chapters will be much more bright and back to normal! I cannot wait!

I will say this on a side note, I am very thankful to the company my husband has worked for up here! What amazing people! They have took care of him and have been a blessing. Thank you, thank you!

Now, I already have some exciting things lined up for me when I go back! I am feeling good about my next step! I will miss teaching, the act of teaching, and I will miss working with the kiddos. But I will never miss the stress, the feeling of unworthiness, the lack of teacher support, the unrealistic expectations, and the unfortunate mess that has become the education system. God bless all you teachers who are able to stick with this! I will pray for you and the system! The only thing I ask is for your understanding. Understand that I loved my job and understand I did give it my all. Understand that I am not a quitter or someone who couldn’t “hack” it. Understand that I am not being selfish by realizing I can’t do this anymore. And understand that we should all be able to do things that make us happy and not be judged for it.

I can’t wait to share our journey on here with yall! Arnold and Lenny will be making the big move with us, and I feel sure they are excited to be North Carolina kitties!

Alright, so I do have some home updates to share with yall! As of right now, our house is in disarray! The hubs is working on touch up projects, packing is going on, but yet here I am still styling the house and changing things around! Ha! But hey, it has to look good for when it goes on the market, right??! So I wanted to share with yall our living room entryway I have been working on! I will still be moving things around, but I wanted to show you the progress so far! Take a look!


So the big change is the top shelf! A few of my birthday weekend goodies went up here!






You can never go wrong with vintage books!


So I have seen everyone sharing their gorgeous baskets they are hanging on their walls, and I just had to join in on the fun! I’ve had this basket for several years! I got it from Home Goods, and I think it looks just right up here! I am also loving this vintage scale I got and the Ikea greenery!


Ok, Ikea, just stop it! Your greenery is just too perfect!










I get a lot of questions about my tin pieces! Every time I go into an antique store and they have them, I have to buy several! They are just tin pieces from old houses! They make the perfect layering accessory!








And there you have it yall! Our big exciting news and our little entryway coming along! Stayed tuned for all our updates as we make the big move back to Lake Norman!!

Until next time!



I am a teacher as well and have quit twice in my career only to go back and be miserable again. This year has been really hard. Probably one of the worst. It’s not my school, kids, colleagues or admin, it’s just the system is so irreparably broken that one can’t fix it alone. I understand your pain and frustration without you even have to explain what happened. Finding the next step is the hardest though because what do you do, I’ve been teaching for 15 years with large gaps in between. I’m 43, and I know I can’t do this forever. It makes me sad and anxious all at the same time. If you ever want to chat shop, feel free! I’ve probably seen and heard it all as well. Good luck to you!! I love your style!!

Thank you for sharing a little about your journey! It is so nice to have fellow teachers understand without having to say too much! It is refreshing! I have been shocked by the lack of un-support I have experienced about choosing to leave from other teachers! So I truly and greatly appreciate your comment! Like you said, it has nothing to do with the kids or teaching itself, it is just everything else that unfortunately doesn’t seem like is going to get better! I’ll send positive vibes your way too sweet friend! Again, thanks so much for your comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

So happy that you have exciting things to come!!! Rock at what you love and don’t worry about what anyone thinks. It has made me a happier person. Can’t wait to see all your cute home stuff in NC!

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