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My Office Overhaul!  2

Hey yall!

Ok, so today is the day that I get to reveal my home office makeover! Let me tell ya, this has been a long time coming. This room has been on the back burner for so long due to other projects. But it is finally getting its chance to shine! And boy does it shine! Read more

Tips on How to Style Your Coffee Table  0

Hey yall!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! We are one almost to Friday friends! Even though I am off during the summer, I still love the weekends the most. This is because Mr. Cozy Cat is home, and we can spend time together and go on adventures through these ol’ mountains!

Today has been a pretty lazy day here at our Cape-Cod on the hill. I added a few changes to our downstairs bathroom to make it all tie in even better together, and gussied up a little vignette in our master bedroom. Oh yeah, then there was this whole part about mowing the front yard. Let me tell you friends, when you live on a mountain of a hill mowing is not fun! Usually Mr. Cozy Cat does this, but I thought I would help him out since he has been working so hard. Well, I just want to go on the record and say it was ridiculously no fun! No. Nope. It was hot, and since we live on this mountain, we have to use a push mower because a riding one would not be very safe. So just imagine me out there, the non-outdoorsy one (except I love gardening!) pushing that mower up and down the hills. Sweatin’ like a pig. Can you just imagine? Grass flying up in my face, getting in my nose and mouth. Yuck! But, I got it done, and I do believe Mr. Cozy Cat will be pleased! Mowing-0: Keeley-1.

Alright friends, so today I wanted to post a little post about how to easily style your coffee table! After that mowing, I am sitting here flopped in the recliner (bathed of course) just looking at our adorable little coffee table. Your coffee table is the center of your living room. It can be a big focal point too! The coffee table that we have is one that Mr. Cozy Cat’s grandparents had. All we did was re-stain it to bring it back to life. There are such sweet little stories that Mr. Cozy Cat’s grandmaw tells about him crawling in and out of the cut outs on the table. This is a piece that is priceless to us, and I can’t imagine replacing it!

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