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DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser  2

Hey yall!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Monday! We had crazy storms here at our house last night, but today has been breathtakingly gorgeous! I am so happy to see the sunshine after having so many rainy days!

As I write today I am rocking out to the Foo Fighters. If you are a new reader, I always like to give a little shout out to the music I like to listen to while I blog! Kind of my thing, weird maybe, but my thing! So this morning I made my first visit to Hobby Lobby for the week—I usually am at the Hobby Lobby like 3 times a week. Insane. But I love being there and getting inspired by all the pretty things! Today I was on the hunt for a cute tray to put over at our sink to place our sponge, dish washing soap, and hand soap in. Am I the only one who hates having those things clutter their sink area?? I can’t stand it! I also don’t like looking at the regular bottles they come in. I am a lover of trays and think they add just a little something extra as well as help with organization and clutter. So I knew this would help make these bottles look neater, but that wouldn’t solve my whole problem. Read more

Cardstock Fun!  4

Hey yall!


So I wanted to post to our home projects page today because I had this really neat, and really cheap idea that I wanted to share!

Ok, so yall know I love Hobby Lobby, but seriously, if you have the time, you need to really look at what they have! Sometimes I see stuff one day and just completely look over it, then I go back the next day and see it again, and I get the most creative ideas on how to use it!


Take these for example:



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