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When Crafting Goes Horribly Wrong!!  5

Hey yall!

So crafting, I love it! It soothes my soul and it calms me. So when I was scrolling through my FaceBook feed this morning and saw that Liz Marie ( had this adorable picture frame terrarium diy post she was talking about, and I knew I had to try it! I was in the mood to craft, and I had all the things I needed to make this project. Easy shee-mez right? WRONG! Read more

Weekend Junkin Finds  0

Hey yall!

So I sat here and started typing up a blog post about our little living situation for when we get back home to NC in less than 2 weeks (EEEEEEKKKKKKK! Cue the shrill squealing!), but then I decided to wait on it just for a little while! I have been doing so much of that lately. Typing up posts then deciding to not share them yet, any of my other fellow blogger friends like that?? But I will definitely be sharing this one because I will be having a whole new section to my website based on what I’m talking about in the post! Stay tuned! Read more

DIY Hanging Print  0

Hey yall!

So before I get into the topic at hand, I just have to tell yall the exciting news! I can officially say that my last day of teaching will be May 13th!! Eek!! They approved my resignation last night at their meeting! I will truly miss working with the kids and actually teaching, but with the way the education system is going, I am glad to be getting out! My heart was just not into it anymore. So now the final stages of this process is selling this house and buying a new one! Phew! I can do this yall! I just have to keep the faith and know things will work out as they should! Read more

Reupholstered Dining Room Chairs Reveal  6

Hey yall!
I knew my good streak of keeping up with the blog couldn’t last! Man! Well, once June comes I will be back on top of this! I hope yall had a great week, and are relaxing in getting prepared for this upcoming week! Read more

Farmhouse Style Living Room Update  0

Hey yall!

Ok, so the coffee in our house must be really strong because how is it possible that me, Keeley, has gotten two blog posts done back to back in two consecutive day?! This is some kind of snow miracle or something! I have felt very motivated, rested, and alive since not having to go to work! I know a lot of yall understand who have very mentally and emotionally trying jobs! I will be so glad when June comes so that I can move on from this that has been holding me back! I cannot wait to feel this alive, free, and happy everyday! I mean seriously, I could cry thinking about that. How much healthier I will be and just happy! I think that may give you some clue into some big changes coming our way! 😉 Read more

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Reveal  7

Hey yall!

Look at me all getting better at posting some blog entries in a more timely fashion! Whoop whoop! Last time I posted I shared with yall our newly renovated dining room. Today I wanted to share with yall our newly updated kitchen! Eek! Read more

Happy 2016!–Yeah I Am Really Behind!  4

Hey yall!

Ok, so it is clearly a new year, and I haven’t posted to the blog since before Christmas…it is shameful! I hope yall are having a fabulous 2016 so far! The new year is definitely being good to me so far, and I am excited knowing that this is the year of big change! Yay! It excites me everyday knowing that these changes are coming. I still can’t give all the details yet, because we still don’t have all the answers ourselves, but I can say that the big change has to do with me and my career. I will be so happy when I can tell yall everything, and when we have more details for ourselves to see what else will be changing for us!  Read more

How To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home  0

Hey yall!

So today as I was cleaning up the house and straightening things up, I thought of a post to write! So I have mentioned before that over the past year I have finally found my style! Yay! I felt like I would like something for a while, then totally get over it. Am I the only one like this? This year everything finally clicked, and I found my decor style…Farmhouse Style! Where has this been all my life? All the money I could have saved if I would have found this sooner! I’m sure that would have made Mr. Cozy Cat and his wallet very happy too!

Today I want to give you tips on how to add farmhouse style to your home. I get asked a lot about how I get all my pieces together. Friends also mention that they think it would be hard to pull everything together. But friends, it really isn’t! If you have the tips, you can easily add this style to your home. Trust me! Read more

Paper Mache Crafts, Mannequins, and Paint Oh My!  1

Hey yall!

I tell ya it has been a lazy Friday! Not too many more of these lazy Fridays left before it’s time to get back to work…Dun Dun DUNNNN! I actually went out to school yesterday to get my classroom all set up and ready. Honestly, that took so much stress away! Just knowing that is done is a good feeling! Now if only it could stay that clean! Now the next stressor will be getting the first day plans done, scripting out all my procedures and basically scripting out the first days so I don’t forget anything! Yes, I am that detailed and paranoid! Ha! Read more

Easy Peasy DIY No Sew Pillow Covers  2

Hey yall!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! It has been a rainy day here today, but something about rain and thunder on a summer day is soothing and comforting!

I wanted to share a quick DIY project that I did that turned out really well, looked great, and was super easy!

So if you read my post about updating our guest bedroom, you saw that some of the pillows on the bed have covers on them that I made! Now let me tell you, I am no sewing fairy. Nope. Me and a needle are not friends. I mean I can handle sewing simple stuff, like sewing a button on and what have you, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend money on fabric and then try to sew a pillow cover, just for it to go completely awry and look like a hot mess! Read more