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T-Minus One Week Until Shopping Overhaul!  2

Hey yall!

So the title of my post today sounds kind of extreme right?! But I am thrilled beyond thrilled because on Friday I will be heading down the mountain to do my own Christmas shopping. You may think, “What do you mean your own Christmas shopping?” Well this year, instead of buying each other (the hubs and I) gifts (because neither one of us could think of something to get each other!) we decided to set a certain amount of money aside for each of us to go buy whatever we wanted–our Christmas gifts! Some of yall may think, oh what is the fun in that? Well, true, but as many of us know, when you start getting older it is hard to think of something you want. In Christmases past, Nick and I have spent entirely too much money on each other, so this year, instead of just buying a bunch of stuff, we decided to take a certain amount of money and go buy things that we would actually use, etc. You get my drift! Now don’t get me wrong, I still love getting gifts (but really I love buying for other people more!)! I never know what to tell my parents to get me either, but my mama always gets some of the best things! So my surprise gifts will come from my parents and brother–he gets good gifts as well. So I think I will survive not having surprises from the hubby! Read more