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Dining Room Spring Decor  4

Hey yall!

I normally don’t decorate for Easter, I usually keep it just to Spring decor, but have yall been out to the stores lately?? They have got the cutest Easter things I ever did see! The hubs and I had a day date this past weekend, and I was in awe of all the cute Easter decor. I told myself all weekend, “You do not need these things, you do not need these things”…well it’s Tuesday, and I decided that little voice inside my head was just wrong. Clearly it was talking to the wrong person because I do need those things! Well, let’s not get carried away, I don’t need them, but I sure do want them! Read more

My Rae Dunn Coffee Mug Obsession  18

Hey yall!

Ok, so I know I’m not the only one here with a Rae Dunn obsession going on. Am I right?! Rae Dunn is definitely taking the world by storm, and I definitely think the home decor Instagram world! I love scrolling through my Instagram and seeing all the new Rae Dunn goodies everyone is finding!  Read more

Reupholstered Dining Room Chairs Reveal  6

Hey yall!
I knew my good streak of keeping up with the blog couldn’t last! Man! Well, once June comes I will be back on top of this! I hope yall had a great week, and are relaxing in getting prepared for this upcoming week! Read more

Farmhouse Style Living Room Update  0

Hey yall!

Ok, so the coffee in our house must be really strong because how is it possible that me, Keeley, has gotten two blog posts done back to back in two consecutive day?! This is some kind of snow miracle or something! I have felt very motivated, rested, and alive since not having to go to work! I know a lot of yall understand who have very mentally and emotionally trying jobs! I will be so glad when June comes so that I can move on from this that has been holding me back! I cannot wait to feel this alive, free, and happy everyday! I mean seriously, I could cry thinking about that. How much healthier I will be and just happy! I think that may give you some clue into some big changes coming our way! 😉 Read more

The Sights, The Sounds, The Wonder of North Carolina!  2

Hey yall!

I am back and feeling so refreshed (for now anyways!)! I am back to blogging since I have been MIA for a few days, and I am back from a wonderful trip home. I will be so thankful when I can just say anything I want to and not have to filter everything, but I want to take you back to this past Thursday just for a second if you don’t mind! Read more

How To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home  0

Hey yall!

So today as I was cleaning up the house and straightening things up, I thought of a post to write! So I have mentioned before that over the past year I have finally found my style! Yay! I felt like I would like something for a while, then totally get over it. Am I the only one like this? This year everything finally clicked, and I found my decor style…Farmhouse Style! Where has this been all my life? All the money I could have saved if I would have found this sooner! I’m sure that would have made Mr. Cozy Cat and his wallet very happy too!

Today I want to give you tips on how to add farmhouse style to your home. I get asked a lot about how I get all my pieces together. Friends also mention that they think it would be hard to pull everything together. But friends, it really isn’t! If you have the tips, you can easily add this style to your home. Trust me! Read more

My Office Overhaul!  2

Hey yall!

Ok, so today is the day that I get to reveal my home office makeover! Let me tell ya, this has been a long time coming. This room has been on the back burner for so long due to other projects. But it is finally getting its chance to shine! And boy does it shine! Read more

Guest Room Overhaul!  0

Hey yall!

Today I wanted to share our guest room makeover. Our poor guest room has literally been used as a walk in closet–unintentionally. For some reason, it always ends up as the laundry folding area. When school was still in some times when I did laundry I would just leave the clothes sitting in there. I mean no one uses the room so why not right? Eventually, it started to also be kind of our junk room. Now we have a huge basement which most people would use as storage, but no. Nope. This is now the 2nd man cave and heaven forbid we use it for storage like normal people! Our basement is now Nick’s brewing cave, so the guest room just kind of collected things. Read more

Coffee Bar and A Bit of INSPIRE-ation  0

Hey yall!

It is a beautiful Friday here in the mountains! I have done absolutely nothing this morning, but lay around and watch Cupcake Wars on Netflix. Oh yeah, and made a box of pasta salad for lunch (so nutritious right?) because I literally had nothing else, and I do not have any motivation to go to the grocery store until tomorrow. Lazy at its finest here folks!

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