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April In Review and Living Situation News!  2

Hey yall!


So yesterday and the day before I was definitely in a funk. As most of you know, I have anxiety, and the past couple days were tough! But today, I am feeling more like myself so I wanted to blog some! I wanted to talk to yall about 2 things: what is going to be happening with our living situation and also giving you a recap of April in pictures! So the first thing I definitely want to talk about is what is going to happen with our living situation! Can yall believe this upcoming week is my last week in West Virginia?? Oh My Gosh!! That right there gets me out of my funk! The hubs will be coming up this weekend, and we are going to start the process of moving! It’s so surreal. So exciting though! If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I have been having major stress due to the fact that our house is still on the market and has not sold. Ok, so seriously it has only been 3 weeks on the market, but to someone like me, it feels like a year has passed. Oh anxiety. I’ve shed many tears over the fact that it hasn’t sold yet. I’ve mentioned in my past posts that we will be staying with Nick’s parents until our home sells so we don’t have to pay 2 mortgages. I’ve also mentioned that I am a huge nester and am constantly in a state of nesting. I love to be at home and work on things and redecorate. It is my zen. So even though this staying with his parents isn’t permanent, I still feel a little sad. I won’t be in my own environment with my things–I know that sounds awful yall, but I just like to be in my own space. I know it is not a big deal and there is so much to be grateful for, but living with anxiety makes everything seem like a big deal. I have been working on my anxiety and some days are better than others! I just got to keep reminding myself that this is not permanent! And at least we are at home! Read more