T-Minus One Week Until Shopping Overhaul!  2

Hey yall!

So the title of my post today sounds kind of extreme right?! But I am thrilled beyond thrilled because on Friday I will be heading down the mountain to do my own Christmas shopping. You may think, “What do you mean your own Christmas shopping?” Well this year, instead of buying each other (the hubs and I) gifts (because neither one of us could think of something to get each other!) we decided to set a certain amount of money aside for each of us to go buy whatever we wanted–our Christmas gifts! Some of yall may think, oh what is the fun in that? Well, true, but as many of us know, when you start getting older it is hard to think of something you want. In Christmases past, Nick and I have spent entirely too much money on each other, so this year, instead of just buying a bunch of stuff, we decided to take a certain amount of money and go buy things that we would actually use, etc. You get my drift! Now don’t get me wrong, I still love getting gifts (but really I love buying for other people more!)! I never know what to tell my parents to get me either, but my mama always gets some of the best things! So my surprise gifts will come from my parents and brother–he gets good gifts as well. So I think I will survive not having surprises from the hubby!

So this weekend, Nick is taking me home to buy my treasures from him! Eek! Where we currently live (I think yall notice by my posts that I don’t consider WV home, I love my house and it is “home”, but I don’t call WV home. So typically when I say home I mean NC!) there are not many stores where I like to shop. We do most of our big shopping at home because there are a lot more stores to shop at. And yall know my ultimate favorite store The Depot at Gibson Mill is back home! So we will be there bright and early as soon as they open on Saturday to roll in there 5 buggies deep! Ha! Nick may need to stop at the brewery there to help soothe the shopping pain!! I am so excited to go to my favorite stores–World Market, Kirklands, The Depot, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, Michaels, all the other antique stores, my goodness I could go on and on!

So like I said, we have a certain amount of Christmas money set aside for each of us to spend. I have also been saving up money to use for this big shopping overhaul. Man, what an accomplishment it has been to not use my credit card! I have proudly not used it since the first week of September! I think I am finally getting the hang of this using cash business. So you might be thinking, “What are you planning on buying?” That is what I wanted to blog to yall about today!

After Christmas each year, I love to freshen up the house. Spruce it up with new decor, new pieces for each room, etc. So with my money this year, my main focus will be on sprucing up the dining room, kitchen, and adding new accessories to the living room. So if yall don’t mind, I’d like to walk you through my plans for each room! This will also help me stay on track with what I need to buy when I go home! Alright are yall ready?!

Let’s start in the dining room. When we first bought our home we painted it this burnt orange color. Which I loved at the time, but my style has definitely evolved since then. So my first big plan is to paint it a very neutral color–creams, light gray, white, something that will tie in with the light tan on the rest of the walls on the main level. Then the hubs will finally (we have had this fabric for forever) reupholster the dining room chairs. My next thought is I need some new wall decor. We have 2 big walls in there that I really want to spruce up. I have thought of having Nick build me a large open shelving piece to display little trinkets. Really in this room, we already have our big furniture pieces: the eating table, a side table, and a hutch that was his grandparents. So what I really want to do aside from finding some new wall pieces, is to bring in some fresh accent pieces. I have seen where people have been putting tobacco ladders on top of side tables and draping linens and accenting it with different kitchen type knick knacks. I love the way that looks! I’ve also seen on Pinterest where people stack other cubby types of storage things on the tables to add layers and put in plates and things. Yall really need to come over to my Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/kbmckendree and come check out my dining room delight board! Then you will totally understand my ideas better! So key ideas for the dining room


*reupholster chairs

*find wall pieces–shelving, signs, etc.

*find hutch and table top accent pieces

Alright, let’s move into the kitchen! In this space Nick is going to build me an open shelving unit to go above our coffee station! I am excited about this! A lot of the antique places back home have reclaimed barnwood, and that is what I would love to make this shelf out of. So I need to find some pretty ironstone, plates, mugs, and other kitchen knick knack treasures and accents to add to the shelves. This is going to be more decorative than useful–ha!! I think adding some more scales would be great too! Then my next idea is for the long wall that connects into the dining room. I am thinking of something like a tobacco ladder again to hang on the wall turned on its side. Then getting a long, skinny, rod to hang grain sacks and kitchen tea towels and such on that wall. Again, yall come see my cozy kitchen board and accents for a southern belle board on my Pinterest to see things! https://www.pinterest.com/kbmckendree I may also try to find an old window, yall know I love those, or something like that to place in there. Basically in the kitchen, I am just looking for accent pieces and some new things for the walls. Now, Nick came home the other day and told me he wanted to make a new kitchen island. He made the one we have now, and I love it. We have been wanting some extra storage space in the kitchen, so he found plans for taking 2 cabinets from Lowes–unfinished, and using those as a base to make an island. He would still use wood, and I told him I still love the dark stain that we have on the one we have now, but we would have more storage space. Now, I am loving this idea! So we will see what he comes up with! So let’s recap the kitchen needs:

*open shelves over coffee station

*accent pieces to just spruce up the decor

*wall pieces

*new island

Now the living room doesn’t need to much! I just want to buy some new small accent pieces to place around the room and especially to spruce up all the shelving on the TV cabinet Nick built for us!

Alrighty, so it doesn’t sound like much right?! My problem comes with accent pieces. I like to buy things and then buy other things that go with that one thing–to make vignettes and to make sure everything ties together. So when I see one piece I really like, then I have to go in search of other small things to go with it! So buying accent pieces for me can get pricey. So I really have to keep my little self calmed down! I can’t wait to share with yall all the new pieces I find! Is it silly that I am worried that with it being so close to Christmas that a lot of the booths will be more empty at The Depot?! Ha! Nick told me that was definitely a silly worry! But hey, these are the things anxiety people can also worry about! We always find something! So I hope there are plenty of goodies still left in all the stores! If not, I will be shopping after Christmas as well! I like to get the house all fixed up and ready to go before our Christmas break ends and we have to go back to school (teacher). So after Christmas I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I love it!

Alright yall, now that I have rambled on again in another post–seriously yall, I will get better once I am done with school in June!–I think I should start wrapping this post up! I just wanted to share my ideas with yall and give myself a thinking page to come back to next week! Again, come on over to my Pinterest page to see all the things that inspire me!! https://www.pinterest.com/kbmckendree

Until next time!




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