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Hey yall!

Well we made it through another week! Can you believe this is the last full week of February?? I am so ready for March! Not only does that mean Spring is really close, but it is my birthday month and it means we are even closer to June! I’m getting so excited about the big life change coming. I can’t even begin to explain to you how giddy it makes me! I always thought it would be scary to start all over, but it isn’t! I don’t feel scared at all and that is saying something for someone like me who battles extreme anxiety! I think I feel so good about everything because I have prayed about it for so long now, and I know it is the right decision! Prayers work yall!

So I know it is still February, but it is definitely feeling like Spring out there this weekend! Yesterday was so nice and sunny. Today, however, is gloomy, but hey, it is still warmer than usual for this time of the year! With this weather feeling this way, it is definitely made Spring stay on my mind! I am so ready to go work out in the garden and flowerbeds! I think I am having soil withdrawals yall! I already have my wheels turning as to what I need to do this year to our landscape, this could be dangerous!

Now last week I shared my little bit of Easter decor I got for the dining room. Today I wanted to share with yall a little bit of Spring decor that I added to our kitchen! Yeah, yeah, I knew I said I wasn’t going to go all out, but I just neeeeeeeded to put a few more things out! However, I didn’t buy anything else! I used items that I already had! I have a funny story to go along with this. So in our basement I have tons and tons and tons of storage bins with home decor items. My husband tells me it is my home decor shop. Ha! He was down there working on a project, and when I came down and started to drag out some boxes he looked at me and said, “Do you need a shopping basket for your convenience today ma’am?” Haha! He literally gave me a crate to put my stuff in so I could get it back up the stairs easily. Now if that ain’t love I don’t know what is! Seriously, that man’s sense of humor keeps me sane. So everything I added today came from my own items! Well, let me take that back, I did buy the fresh herbs and flowers, but that doesn’t count right??!

So I did buy some fresh herbs and a few bundles of tulips, but in my defense I used cash–I’m still credit card swiping free!–and the tulips were only $1.69 a bundle and the potted fresh Thyme was only $2.99 a plant! Not bad! Our Kroger grocery store now carries actual herb plants! Eek! I was very excited about this! They are over in the floral section, so if you have a Kroger check it out! For my Spring decor I love to add greenery–really I love greenery any time of year!–but I love to have fresh plants and flowers for Spring. That is typically all the Spring decorating I do! But this year I did add a few speckled eggs in as well! They were too cute to pass up–I had saved some out from my Hobby Lobby trip from my last post!

Alright yall, are you ready to see what I came up with so far?


Here are my 3 Thyme plants! Oh I just love fresh herbs and the smell they bring!


This cute wooden crate is from JoAnns. I got it last year! It came with the metal cans. It has really cute chalkboard type tags, but you can’t see them from this angle!


I took the tulips and separated them out. This little pot here came from Hobby Lobby! I think they actually still have these!


I love the chippiness of this little pot!


My cute little Fix a Flat can got some fresh tulips!


I love the coloring of these tulips.




The greenery nook!




Tulips in little glass vases added to the shelves above our coffee station.


I love being able to see the stems.




I had these little grapevine nest from last year from Michaels! I placed it on top of my scale and white bowls.


In the inside I used gray moss and the speckled eggs from Hobby Lobby!


Love this look!


I had this cute glass egg holder from Tuesday Morning. I just added the little speckled eggs to it!








Now this wreath is special to me! This was an Easter wreath that was at my granny and grandparents’ house! It makes me think of them every time I see it, and brings back such special memories!









25  And there you have it yall! I kept it very simple, and I think it is just enough! Not too much, but enough to make a statement that it is Spring–well almost! I hope yall enjoyed taking a peek inside our kitchen today! I hope yall have a wonderful week, and that Friday comes quickly!

Until next time!



Lindsay, Haha! I’m going to be leaving teaching after 5 years! Read a few posts later, and I tell a little more about it! 🙂

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