Paper Mache Crafts, Mannequins, and Paint Oh My!  1

Hey yall!

I tell ya it has been a lazy Friday! Not too many more of these lazy Fridays left before it’s time to get back to work…Dun Dun DUNNNN! I actually went out to school yesterday to get my classroom all set up and ready. Honestly, that took so much stress away! Just knowing that is done is a good feeling! Now if only it could stay that clean! Now the next stressor will be getting the first day plans done, scripting out all my procedures and basically scripting out the first days so I don’t forget anything! Yes, I am that detailed and paranoid! Ha!

This morning I laid around the house for a while watching American Pickers. Is anyone else obsessed with this show?? I love it. I could watch it all day. I learn so much, and I love seeing all the neat things they find. So after a while I started to feel way too unproductive. I was getting antsy, so I decided to trek over to Hobby Lobby for my 4th time this week…am I embarrassed to admit this? Nope.

At first I just kinda piddled around. Perusing the isles. Not really looking for anything, just looking. Well, I went over to the clearance section where everything is marked 80% off. There isn’t much left in this section because the store is becoming Christmas Town USA. No joke. It is all Christmas and some fall! Now I love Christmas, but I would rather have more sale aisles!

There has been a vintage-inspired sewing mannequin form that I have had my eye on for months now. I was not expecting to see it pop up in this huge clearance markdown bracket. And guess what?! There she stood in all her glory! My heart skipped a beat, and I felt faint. I literally zoomed the buggy down to that end of the aisles. When I saw the price tag I thought I was going to die. Die of shock. This beauty had been originally $139.99. Guess how much it was. $27 and some odd change! Cha-ching!! I swooped down to grab that thing like it was the last thing on earth. When I got it in the buggy to look it over some more, I noticed some of the fabric on the bottom was a little loose. Hey, a hot glue gun can fix that in 10 seconds! I thought I’d take the chance and ask the guy at the register if they could take anymore off of it since I would have to fix it. And I’m so glad I did! They reduced the price to $20! $20! What a steal of a deal!! Look at this baby!








Ain’t she a gem?? By far one of my best Hobby Lobby buys to date.

Now this was not the only thing I bought. Me leave with just one thing? Never! I have been seeing everyone using chalk type paint, so I wanted to give it a try on something small. I wasn’t in the mood to take on a big project, but something small sounded fun and relaxing. So I went over to the paint section and found a paint that had a chalky finish and was in the beautiful mossy color that so many people have been using. I got that and some regular white craft paint. Oh yeah and some new craft paint brushes.

Then I had to find something to craft. I walked up and down the aisles and came upon the little paper mache section. I spotted the cutest little deer head on a plaque and had to have it. So this was going to be my little lazy Friday project.

I got home and scattered all my tools out on my desk in my office. Of course I had “help” from Lenny cat. I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t have a green tail. Here is all the supplies I needed:

materials to use

Paintbrushes, paint, and the paper mache head

I wanted to paint the actual deer head white. So I painted that first, and it turned out swimmingly! I then painted the plaque part the mossy green. I must say I am impressed at how good it turned out! The mix of the paints and the texture of the paper mache was a match made in Heaven!! I wasn’t sure if I would like the texture (if it would look rough and bumpy and unclean), but I love it!! It ties together so well and looks like it was bought right off the shelf looking like this! I definitely can’t wait to try out the chalky paint again! I will definitely be searching for some other chalk paint too!! Here is how my little craft turned out!









on shelf

What do yall think?? This was so easy and took no time at all. I will definitely be buying more paper mache products to paint! Is this something that you would do? Let us know!

I now have a fussy baby Arnold cat who is dying for attention! You would think he never gets attention! I wanted to share my cute little paper mache project and my gorgeous sewing mannequin real quick! I am off to play with my sweet fur babies and watch some TV with Mr. Cozy Cat! I hope yall have a fantastic Friday night!

Until next time!


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