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Hey yall!

Oh my goodness how has everyone been? It has been way too long since I have blogged, but we have stayed busy over here with work and things around the house!

This will be one of my favorite blog posts this year…Our fall home tour! I absolutely love fall, pumpkins, hayrides, sweaters, oh my! But seriously, fall decorating is one of my favorites. I love the colors and the textures that fall brings about. All the neutrals and natural elements just make my life complete.

So I have a funny story to share with yall before I get to all the picture goodness. I went to Bath and Body Works today to get some new fall smelling soaps and a candle. Well, I go in there and it is like something takes a hold of me. I forget all about trying not to spend so much, and I’m going through there with no care in the world, twirling around and acting like I can go later and pick money off the money tree in the backyard. Ha! Seriously, I think I was possessed by the fall monster or something. I cam out with 2 bags full of soaps and a candle. When Mr. Cozy Cat saw the bags he wrestled me for the receipt (just kidding–no wrestling took place, but imagine a husband diving for the bags to see how much you spent). When he saw the receipt I thought he may faint. Hey, at least I would have had some good smells to revive him with. I told him soap is a necessity, and now we will be extra clean. Good excuse, right?! I don’t think he bought it! I then told him that when I come home from school the first thing I do is change into comfy clothes and wash my hands (I feel like it is a ritual–like I am cleansing myself from the day). When I was my hands and smell the good smelling soap, it is so soothing and calming. Like I can breathe a sigh of relief because I am home.–This is true, so I think he bought it! So my soap collection is in stock, and I am ready to smell like fall too!

Now, yesterday was the big day. My fall decorating palooza. I was up with the chickens at 7:30am gearing up to turn my house into a fall haven. I was also up so early so I could be the first one at Hobby Lobby–I had to get a few more things. I had success with this! Yes! I love being the first one there. Ok, anyways, so when I got back I was ready to begin. I looked around at all the boxes and instantly felt overwhelmed! Way too much stuff. It’s a good thing, but I didn’t know where to start. Arnold and Lenny were just looking at me as if saying, “Ok, mom, now what?” So I got my Halloween music playing and dug into the boxes! Thank you Spotify for providing me awesome Halloween music to listen to while I worked! My favorite was listening to “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.–Speaking of which, I now have to listen to it again. So in total it took me about 5-6 hours to get everything put together. Now, I know I will be adding more things and tweaking things throughout the season, but it is so nice just having things out. It is so festive in here!

Alright friends, before we begin, I want to restate that I do not have a fancy camera, so these pictures don’t even do the decorations justice! Also, my dining room looks very orange in some of the pictures, but it is a dark, burnt orange color. Much prettier than the pictures! Also, I have made our dining room the Halloween room. The kitchen and living room are more fall based rooms. I only decorate these 3 rooms of our house because we spend the most time in them and so do our friends and family that come over. Finally, I haven’t photographed everything just yet, so be on the lookout for more pictures soon! I’ll provide sources for things are well! Ok here we go! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!




Scarecrow: My Granny’s

Twine pumpkin: Lowes

Trick or Treat Sign: TJ Maxx

Trick or Treat Banner: Target

Bucket: Antique shop

Cotton: The Depot at Gibson Mill

Natural Stems: Hobby Lobby






Garland: JoAnn Fabrics




Apples: Hobby Lobby

Throw: TJ Maxx

Pillow: Antique Shop

Basket: Antique shop


Drawer: Antique shop

Pumpkin: JoAnn Fabrics

Flannel Fabric: Hobby Lobby










Stack of Books: Hobby Lobby

Mugs: TJ Maxx

Happy Halloween Sign: Hobby Lobby

Glass Bottles: Michaels








Boo Banner: Hobby Lobby

M Pumpkin: Kirklands

Annual Witch Rides: Home Goods

Cauldron: Michaels

Trick or Treat Bag: TJ Maxx

Pumpkin and Cat with Pointy Hats: Hobby Lobby




Halloween Tree: Hobby Lobby

Ornaments: Michaels




Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Plate: Hobby Lobby


Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Basket: JoAnn Fabrics

Towel: TJ Maxx


Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Basket: Hobby Lobby

Mason Jar: Antique shop

Grater: Antique shop

Ticking Stripe Fabric: JoAnn Fabrics


Cup: Antique shop

Grapevine Wreath: Hobby Lobby


Tis The Season To Be Thankful Sign: Hobby Lobby






White Pumpkin Garland: TJ Maxx




Skull Candy Holder: Lowes


White Pumpkin: Michaels

Twine Pumpkin: JoAnn Fabrics

Mason Jar: Antique shop

Witch: From my grandparents’ house




Good Apples Sign: Antique shop










Skull: Walgreens

Candle: Michaels







unnamed (1)


unnamed (2)


unnamed (3)






unnamed (1)

Pumpkin: Michaels

unnamed (2)

Tea Towel: TJ Maxx

unnamed (3)

Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Metal Bucket: Hobby Lobby

unnamed (4)

Wash Tub: Local Antique Store

Pumpkins: Michaels

Throw: Home Goods

unnamed (5)

Funnel: Vintage

Wooden Basket Lid: Local Antique Store

unnamed (6)


unnamed (7)

Pumpkin: Local Antique Store

unnamed (8)

Fall Florals: Hobby Lobby

unnamed (9)

Mug: Home Goods

unnamed (21)

Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby


Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby

Coffee Sack: Vintage

Scoop: Vintage


Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Pig Print: Black Lion

unnamed (10)

Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Everything Else: Antiques

unnamed (1)

Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby

Glass Jar: Target Dollar Section

Everything Else: Antiques

And there you have it friends! I so wish the dining room pictures turned out better. The sunlight was blinding in there when I took pictures! Really, it looks awesome, and is one of my favorite spaces in the house right now! I will try again another time to get better pictures that do it justice! I hope you enjoyed our fall home tour! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Labor Day weekend!

Until Next Time!


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