Living Room Corner Makeover  3

Hey yall!

Goodness, it is an absolute gorgeous day here in the mountains! The sun is shining so bright and it looks and feels like Spring out there! Can yall believe Tuesday is March!? *Sigh* I could not be happier. Seriously I feel like my heart could burst because of all the excitement! Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. Spring means being outside and planting, planting, planting! Did I mention planting? I love being outside and planting new flowers and working out in the garden. It is seriously therapy for me. All the bright cheery colors and the sunshine on your face. Swoon! And yall know when Spring comes that means June is right around the corner! I find myself day dreaming in my down time about what adventures lie ahead for me and the hubs. I am so excited! 

Ok, I think yall can tell how excited and happy I feel today! Ha! Enough of the peppiness, let’s start talking about the topic at hand here. Let me preface this with I am listening to some 70s easy listening and have the windows open. It is the perfect weather for some 70s. So if you follow me over on Instagram, I shared a little sneak peek of this corner I am talking about today. I also mentioned how much I could not stand this little corner before! I could never style it right, and it was never how I wanted it, well unless you count Christmas, because the tree was there and that was perfect. Ha! But any other time I just couldn’t get it right. I think a lot of you know that I am a perfectionist. I like things in their place and like things laid out just right. So not being able to get this corner right was driving me crazy! Nick kept telling me, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just relax and inspiration will come for you. Boy was he right! And honestly, it was the simplest solution, and I should have already thought about it before.

So I’m going to share some before photos with yall! Before yesterday, I just had a small side table there and a shelf up on the wall. Unfortunately, I could not find any pictures with the table in it, probably because I hated it so much–ha!, but yall will get the idea! Also, I want to mention that for some reason none of my pictures today turned out quite right. They looked fine until I had to adjust their size to fit for the blog, and then who knows what happened. Sorry yall! But again, you will get the idea, and I will post better pictures on Instagram and Facebook so you can see better ones! Ok here are the before pictures:




Now let me say a little bit about the after first before I show yall! A bookshelf. A simple bookshelf was the answer to all my problems. Duh, Keeley! I should have thought of this long ago. I wanted a simple white bookcase to put in the space. So we went down to Wal-Mart to find a cheaper one, because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it, and I figured I could dress it up with decor. Well go figure Wal-Mart didn’t have white. Well let me tell ya, there isn’t many more options close, close by to find a cheaper bookshelf. Nick mentioned heading over to Ollies to see if they had any. I had my doubts, but I thought why not. Low and behold, they had the perfect shelf! It was a brand from Target too! Perfect! And the best part? It was only $19.99! For a 5 shelf bookcase! Whoop Whoop! The ones at Wal-Mart were more expensive than that so I felt like I got a good deal! I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on decor, so I decided to shift some things from my office into the living room–now I will be restyling the office shelves–but this is exciting to me! I have a lot of pieces that aren’t in use that will be perfectly fine for the office space until I can make another trip to my favorite antique stores! Ok yall are you ready to see the final result? Keep in mind the photos aren’t great, again sorry!


Oh I just love it! So light and bright! And I think the tobacco ladder holding some flour sack towels add the perfect touch!












I just love it, why haven’t I thought of this before?






Old, vintage goodness! Rust and all! I also put another pair of corbels the hubby made in here–I painted and distressed them.


My other baby–ha!


See those bins in the bottom? Those are from the Dollar General! I saw several people talking about them on Instagram and had to get some! The wood pieces are actually from Hobby Lobby–they look so real!












And there you have it friends! Simple, but dramatically changes the space! This was also a very cheap makeover–my favorite! What do you think?

Until next time!





Love it all! We bought all of our hardware floor from Ollie’s and saved half of Lowe’s price for the exact flooring.

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