Living in the Land of Teacherland and Happiness in Christmas Cheer  6

Hey yall!

I wanted to give a little update since I have not blogged in a while! Never fear, I’m still writing in my “Tell All”, so stay tuned until June!

So as you know (really, how could we forget) today is Monday, the start of yet another grueling week in teacherland. Last week I decided to take a personal day on Friday because Nick took the day off. He had been putting in a lot of time at work, finishing up deadlines and such, so we thought it would be nice to have a 3 day weekend together. Let me just say, it was amazing! It had been way to long since both of us could really relax. Well let me rephrase that, I relaxed the best I could–kinda hard for me to do while I am still attached to teacherland. But we so enjoyed each other’s company. We actually woke up beside each other, not having anything to do but just lay there and talk to each other. I cannot tell you how good that felt. Knowing we didn’t have to get up and face the day. We could just stay snuggled up and really talk. It felt like such a blessing. We did end up going out on a little day adventure. We headed over to Beckley and visited the Tamarack. Afterwards, we went shopping around Beckley and went and ate lunch at Cheddars. It was so nice to be on a lunch date during the week. How fun! Most professions allow you to go out for lunch if you want. Not in teacherland. We get a very short lunch and really can’t leave to go enjoy friends or family’s company for a workday lunch. So this was definitely a treat for me! To top off our day date, we went by Dunkin Donuts and got coffee and of course, doughnuts! It was such a nice day. Simple, didn’t really spend that much money, perfect kind of day. Being able to enjoy each other’s company was by far my favorite part.

I feel really sappy when I write that for some reason. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Nick. He is truly my rock. I normally don’t do the whole sappy love mess. But I really do want to give huge thanks to my husband. Every single horrible thing that has happened to me this school year would be unbearable without him. Without his love, support, and encouragement I know I would already be done with this job (all in due time). I cannot thank him enough for listening to me cry, rant, and be overly emotional these past few months.

Speaking of all the horrible things that have happened in this school year, today was a doozy. I dread the next few days to see what the future holds for the next few months. Shaking my head. Shaking my head. That is all I can say for now. For those of you who know me well, you know I love teaching. I love it. I love the kids and no matter how I feel I do my best for them. So if you ever read my blog or think you have an opinion of me, please know I do love to teach and I do love my kids no matter what. Sometimes I feel like because I am honest I get judgement passed against me, people thinking I’m negative, people thinking I am some horrible person. But to those people I say this, think whatever you would like to think about me, I am not here to get approval from you. Know I am taking measures to make myself happy again, and please stop passing judgement. Please, and thank you! With all that being said, I do not like what has become of the educational system. I do not like what has become of teaching. I do not like how teachers are treated, and I have a lot of problems with how things are ran. Teaching is not teaching anymore. That is for sure. I read the most perfect resignation letter today from a teacher. It summed up how I feel completely. If you are friends with me on Facebook, check it out. I hate that I can’t divulge more with yall because everything would make such sense, but just know once June comes you will know and you will get to read all my thoughts!

It’s funny. I read back through some of my recent blog posts and it is interesting. I am such a happy person, cheery, bubbly. I have always been described as this by others. And this is still me, when I am away from teacherland. What a realization I have come to these past few months. Being happy in all aspects of my life except my career. Hmm. Everyday I get another affirmation of why I have made the choice I have made. Another sign from God that the decision I have made is perfect for me. That is such a blessing as well. To know deep down in your heart that you need a change and not be afraid to make the change because you know God is leading you to better things. Better things and happier times. That is what gets me through the workdays.

I think I should stop rambling for now! Save the rest for my “Tell All”. I would seriously welcome any prayers to help ease the grief of this week and for the ability to keep my mouth closed if things start going down the pot. HA!…But seriously…

Now one thing that has brought me sheer comfort is Christmas decorating! Yes, I know it is just November. Yes, I know some people get their tinsel in a tangle because people like to start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving (Seriously people, chill, who cares when someone starts to decorate for Christmas? It isn’t in your house. So take a chill pill. Simmer down, please). Anywho, I will be the jolly little elf over here bebopping along to Christmas carols and decking the halls. It brings me peace, it brings me comfort. Decorating is my hobby. I enjoy starting early because I can add to my decor schemes and vignettes. My designer friends, you get me right?! Alright, so Sunday I started my Christmas decorating. I had my 2 kitty elves as my helpers. What a great job they did! No one jumped in the tree!…Yet! They were well behaved little gentlemen. I will tell you this, my favorite room is the dining room. It looks like Santa’s workshop threw up. Eek. It is a wonderland. Unfortunately, it is always really hard to photo our dining room. The wall color makes photos look off. I’m going to be repainting the dining room after Christmas, so ready for that. Maybe then it will photo better. So bear with me, I have no photos of that room yet, but I will figure out the lightening situation soon! I have 3 little photos to share with you, a little, tiny sneak peek. I don’t want to leak all the photos just yet! But here are some:

unnamed (1)

Our living room tree! I go with neutrals for this tree. However, our dining room tree is my fun tree. Every ornament that we have been given over the years goes on that tree. My parents give me an ornament every year, and now that Nick is in the family, he gets one too. It is a tradition. So the tree in the dining room is very special for that reason.

unnamed (10)

Some of my inspiration this year. This is a bushel basket I got from a local antique store. I filled it with a cozy blanket, garland, and cinnamon pine cones. I wanted a very natural decorating pallet this year.


Our entryway bench. My little red corner. I adore the North Pole sack I got at TJ Maxx! I also think my plaid blanket accents this space very well!

Alrighty yall, I have probably once again rambled your ear off! Let me recap for you: 1. Nick and I had a blast spending our 3 day weekend together. 2. I love teaching (teaching is the keyword there) and I love my kiddos, but I hate what teaching has become and all the problems with the educational world. and 3. Christmas has sprung in our house!

So until next time friends!




I used to be a teacher but couldn’t stomache it anymore. Do you know the average length of a teaching career? 3 YEARS!!! My friend who does career counseling told me to comforted me. You can teach all kinds of things other than “school”. Your hands will be more free to hold the babies and toddlers of the 1st time moms and busy moms of multiples in your life.
I love to do shows and educate my customers on the beautiful history of my treasures. Just sayin’

Karre, I’m so glad you stopped by! It is very hard to stomach the education system, you are right! I have taught for 5 years, and my nerves have had about all they can take! Thank you for the statistic, it is comforting to know I am not alone! 🙂

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