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Hey yall!

Ok, so it is clearly a new year, and I haven’t posted to the blog since before Christmas…it is shameful! I hope yall are having a fabulous 2016 so far! The new year is definitely being good to me so far, and I am excited knowing that this is the year of big change! Yay! It excites me everyday knowing that these changes are coming. I still can’t give all the details yet, because we still don’t have all the answers ourselves, but I can say that the big change has to do with me and my career. I will be so happy when I can tell yall everything, and when we have more details for ourselves to see what else will be changing for us! 

I’ve explained in my past posts that I haven’t been able to really focus on my blog because my job has really taken a toll on me. I so wish I could put all my energy into this, but by the time I get home I have nothing left to give! On the weekends I am running around like a crazy lady trying to catch up on things, so I don’t get the time to work on it then either. But I will have time to focus once June comes. Thank yall so much for bearing with me! I was looking at my home tour, and I noticed that I have got to get that updated! I definitely need to do some housekeeping on my sweet little blog here that is for sure!

Now I was reading back over my last post, and I was talking to yall about the big changes I wanted to bring to the house after the holidays. Well let’s just say that mission is accomplished! Our cape cod has undergone some changes, and I am loving every bit of it! If you follow me on Instagram (keeleym_ourcozycatcottage) you have been able to see some of the updates I have posted. I want to just post every picture to this one post, but I will practice self control and just go room by room! So in this post I want to focus on just the dining room! This room is one of my favorite rooms. Do we use our dining room? No! Ha! We are the couple that eat in the living room watching TV. I think we should start eating in the dining room though and shut the TV off. That would be a nice goal to have for this year I think! Anyways, despite it not really getting used, I still love this room. When we first moved into our house, we painted it this burnt orange color, and I loved it. It reminded me of the countryside and of barns and primitive goodness! My style has evolved since then, and I am a neutral girl through and through. Now don’t get me wrong, I love color, but in my house I love the neutrals because they are so light, airy, and clean. So this room got a paint job first and foremost! So let me share some before pictures before I show you the afters! Eek, are yall ready?

unnamed 19


unnamed 20


unnamed 19





Yall know that I’ve said before how difficult this room was to photo. Photos never did it justice! It always photoed so dark, even though it really wasn’t. Clearly, this was not everyday decor, but holiday decor, but you can still get a since of the room. Simple, rustic, and more primitive looking. Now here comes the fun part! Here is the after!


The first big change to this room was the paint color! We used Olympic Country Beige, and I am in love with it! The next change to this room was the open shelving along this main wall here! Mr. Cozy Cat built these shelves for me and installed them. I love having this handy man around! I collected these little knick knacks before Christmas. Do yall see the big framed piece in the center with the navy blue matte? This was a Christmas gift from my brother this year! I’m a huge Disney fan. This is an original sketch from Sleeping Beauty! You can’t see it, but it is Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing! The man from the gallery my brother bought this from said it was a rare piece because you hardly ever see 2 characters on the same page, let alone touching! it definitely anchors the wall here, and I love it!


This is the “hallway” coming from the kitchen (here is a sneak peek of it!) into the dining room! We moved this little table from the corner of the room over here to this side of the dining room! My hubby built the little table when we first got married. We just added a fresh coat of paint and brought it back to life!


Here is the table with all its vintage goodies on top! The tobacco stick ladder is perfect for holding farmhouse style linens! The wooden rocking horse is so unique, even though it is not actually vintage. Now do yall see the large crock there? I have a small one that I found over the summer. I have been wanting a large one so bad, but they are typically so expensive! I mean like in the 100 dollar range. So I have been holding out. And guess what? I found this one for $15! It was cheap because it has a small, small crack on the back. Do I care about that? Heck no! I love chippy goodness so it didn’t bother me in the least! Score! I also found these architectural pieces while out junking, they are the perfect addition! The tin piece there is one of my favorite things! It is from a 100 year old roof!


Here is another close up view of some of the items on the open shelving! A lot of yall have been asking me about my numbers here on the shelves! I bought them from The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC!


Everything is just so light and bright! Here is that glorious vintage scale face my mom bought for me a few months ago! When I sent a picture to my mom showing her we got it hung up the first thing she asked was if I hung it up!…meaning get out from underneath it because that thing is about to fall on your head! Ha! If I would have hung this, this thing would have been down in 2 minutes, with a gaping hole in the wall! No, Mr. Cozy Cat hung it, and it has been going strong here for about 3 weeks! No signs of falling!


A view of the table! Here is that gorgeous olive bucket my parents got for me at an antique store in Blowing Rock, NC! Ain’t she a beaut? I put it on top of this vintage shutter and added some greenery and an old grain sack! I think it makes the perfect centerpiece! I still need to photograph the chairs the hubby reupholstered for me! Stay tuned!


A little view inside the hutch! This hutch, and the dining room table and chairs, were Mr. Cozy Cat’s grandparents’! They fit perfectly into our home! With the hutch I wanted to keep it simple and add lots of whiteware! I found this bust at an antique store back home and couldn’t pass it up! It’s so unique!


Here is a better view of the open shelving! This picture was taken before the chairs got finished! I love how this wall turned out! Eclectic, farmhouse style, and homey! I still can’t get over how bright this room is now!


Another view of the side table


Here is a full view of the hutch! I made the farmhouse sign myself using chalk paint and craft paint from Hobby Lobby! I love the addition of the mirror too, it adds more light to the space! And of course I had to show yall one of my Rae Dunn Clay mugs! My obsession!


Another view of the hutch wall


Here is another side of the open shelving! I also made this antique sign using the same paints from Hobby Lobby!


Here is a close up view of the table top linens! I found these place mats at World Market for $2.99 a piece! Score!


And finally, one more view of this side of the open shelving! And another one of my Rae Dunn Clay mugs!

And there you have it friends! I still need to get a few more pictures of this space and post them for yall to see! I am in love with the space! It screams the farmhouse style I love! I hope yall enjoyed this little tour of our dining room! Next up in the next few posts, the kitchen and living room updates! Stay tuned!

Until next time!




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