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Hey yall!

Today I wanted to share our guest room makeover. Our poor guest room has literally been used as a walk in closet–unintentionally. For some reason, it always ends up as the laundry folding area. When school was still in some times when I did laundry I would just leave the clothes sitting in there. I mean no one uses the room so why not right? Eventually, it started to also be kind of our junk room. Now we have a huge basement which most people would use as storage, but no. Nope. This is now the 2nd man cave and heaven forbid we use it for storage like normal people! Our basement is now Nick’s brewing cave, so the guest room just kind of collected things.

When we first moved into our house I wanted this shabby type of feel to the room. Light blues, grays, and whites. Well my style has highly evolved in the last 2 years so I haven’t been happy with this room lately. I threw things up on the walls just so it wouldn’t clutter the closets and the floor. I have been Pinteresting for a few months now and have been planning an overhaul of this room. Last week my sweet girl Marynda was up for her summer visit and we took her home Saturday. So this was the perfect time to go to the Gibson Mill and load up on all things old, chippy, rusty, and farmhouse.

So let me share with yall what the guest room looked like before the overhaul!

old room 2
old room

Yikes! Not my style at all. I think you can tell how I just threw things up on the wall in the picture with the dresser. I have so been over the blue painting on these furniture pieces. I wanted this room to be light and airy. I wanted whites and creams and wood tones all throughout. I wanted different textures; burlap, grain sacks, wood, different linens, jute rugs. I wanted pieces that had rust on them and that were chippy. This was my goal for this room. The ultimate farmhouse style, antiqued guest room. And when I say guest room I really mean the cat room as Nick and I like to call it lovingly. We have guest come up, but we haven’t had any overnight guests yet, except for Marynda, and we sleep in our master then. We call it the cat room because we have a huge, oversized cat condo that has no place to go but here in this room. I wanted to part with that thing and get rid of it when we were redoing our upstairs. However, the boys are very attached to it, and I couldn’t break their little hearts. Also, it was very expensive so I didn’t want to throw our money down the drain. So alas, its home is the guest/cat room.

Ok, anyway, back on track here. I want to show yall the guest room now that we have overhauled it! I think it matches exactly what I had in mind! Get ready for a photo explosion! I will caption some of the pictures to give you some more insight on my thinking for these pieces and what not!


Look at this beauty! I absolutely love old scales. I found this little gem and could not pass it up! Just look at the rusty goodness. These books on top are also very old! Just wait until you see the copyright date on the top book…


Ahh, lovely little license plate. The rust is too much for my heart. Check out the vintage receipt book I scored!


How neat! I think it said this was from the 50s. Look at the telephone number! Just a few digits.


Love this wood drawer! The Gibson Mill has awesome grain sacks and burlap sacks. I found this mini one and it just struck my fancy!


Another mini grain sack! I love how this dresser top now has so many textures.


Be still my heart. I have been wanting antique shutters for a while. I have seen so many blogs that use them in their decor, and now I have one too!


Just look at the detail


In love with my little nightstand. When we first got married and lived in our townhouse, Nick found 2 glass top tables and we painted them. I found that lovely linen at the mill and just placed it on top of the glass. I scored this mirror at Hobby Lobby 50%off. I have also been wanting some cotton branches, but didn’t feel like paying 10 dollars for each branch (that was about the going rate anywhere I had seen). So yesterday, Hobby Lobby had their natural stems on sale for 50% off, so I got these for 4.99 for a big bundle!


Yall know I like my old sheet music. I had this printed art and frame that I wasn’t using. So I took some music sheets and just taped them over top of the art. The frame was the perfect color! I know it is not the best collage-ing job, but that is what I like about it! Imperfection!


Up close at the cotton branches nicely placed inside a Mason jar. I also have my warmer there burning gingerbread scents…heavenly!


Just look at these little beauties.


Old hymns booklet


Check out these pillows! The 2 back ones are ones that I no sewed and the 2 front ones came from Kirklands.


Perfect for a guest room


This pillow was simple! I used iron on adhesive (from Wal-Mart) and created the pillow coverings. So much easier than sewing! This only took me about 5 minutes! I just love the linen here.


Now this booger gave me a little run for my money. The first pillow was so easy. The didn’t have as much of this fabric and that messed me up! This one was a pain in the rear, but I finally got it looking semi-decent!


I just love trays. I thought this little display was perfect for a guest room. Nick looked at this and said, “Are you leaving that on there?”–He thought this idea was ridiculous! But I love it.


I just love the different textures! I am a person who loves throws, and I thought this one was perfect for the end of the bed.


Recognize this cabinet? It used to be blue! This paint color is heirloom lace, and I love it! My hubby is an excellent painter.


These are books that Nick had when he was little, and I just framed some music to put on top.


Simply, rustic clearance finds from Hobby Lobby.



I love my grapevine wreaths and moss.


Love this sign.


This is a burlap coffee bean sack. Love it!


I thought it was the perfect covering for that other glass top table! I thought the table made the perfect little “bench” at the end of the bed! This is a jute rug. My favorite type of rug! Lenny loves it too clearly.


Love my wreath for the door! I had this sign, and I just placed it behind a grapevine wreath. Perfection.


Cute little mini rug at the door


The side of that lovely old scale.


Now here is that book that is sitting on top….


And BAM! Check out the copyright date…be still my heart. I love books and reading, and I especially love old books.


I think my heart may burst. Look at this extremely old 8 pane window that hangs over the bed.


Oh chippy goodness.


Perfectly imperfect.


See the rope? Well it actually hangs down, but we were scared the boys may try to pull at it so we looped it over the top of the window. These were used to pull up the windows back in the day.




Up close view of the coffee sack


Up close view of the jute rug


View from the hallway…simply perfect–I like this decor better than our master!


It all tied together so nicely.


Check out this shelf made from old barn wood! Also, hanging there is an old money bag.


Recognize that dresser? Heirloom lace paint color is so much better.


I love my South sign! Found this at an antique store in Virginia.


Flowers make everything better.


I just love this.


Inside the barnwood shelf. Leftover fabric from the pillows and a cute little orb.


Cotton in a Mason Jar and a old piece of paper framed=perfection.


Extra pillow fabric and vintage inspired chalkboard


I found this cubby shelf at Ben Franklin’s Crafts for 10 dollars!


This cabinet looks so much better.


New lace curtains beat out those turquoise ones any day.


Bed textures.


THE cat condo–I spy a Lenny cat.





Up close of the barn wood shelf.


Sweet baby loves his new room!

And there you have it folks! A new guest room! I am obsessed with it. I think I will just go sit in it and stare at all the old pieces! What do you think?? Until next time!


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