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Hey yall!

Ok, so the coffee in our house must be really strong because how is it possible that me, Keeley, has gotten two blog posts done back to back in two consecutive day?! This is some kind of snow miracle or something! I have felt very motivated, rested, and alive since not having to go to work! I know a lot of yall understand who have very mentally and emotionally trying jobs! I will be so glad when June comes so that I can move on from this that has been holding me back! I cannot wait to feel this alive, free, and happy everyday! I mean seriously, I could cry thinking about that. How much healthier I will be and just happy! I think that may give you some clue into some big changes coming our way! 😉

Alright, now that I have started this post totally off topic, let me get back to the topic at hand! Our dreamy, cozy (well to me those are the two adjectives that I think describe our living room) farmhouse style living room! Mr. Cozy Cat and I spend most of our time in the living room and kitchen–who am I kidding? Mr. Cozy Cat spends a lot of time in his man cave and basement, but still a lot of time with me in the living room and kitchen too! I love being in the living room snuggling my fur babies, relaxing with a good cup of coffee, reading a book, and doing those neat coloring books–talk about relaxing! I don’t always watch TV, I honestly love sitting in the quiet. Sometimes I even watch TV with no sound on. Quirky, I know, but I love being in the quiet. I have noise around me all day most days so to come home and have a space that is comforting, soothing, and quiet is a blessing!

Ok, so before I go any further on the updated living room, I have to share my music selection for this blog post! Today’s post is fueled by Pearl Jam and some Pink Floyd! Rock on! Now, on to this farmhouse style living room. Like I mentioned, I wanted it to be a cozy space where I could come and drop everything and just breathe and relax. I wanted tons of pillows and throws. Neutrals were a must and again, I wanted the wood tones. Our living room is not very big, so it is definitely cozy already, which I like. Again, I had been collecting some new pieces back before Christmas because I knew I was ready for an overhaul. I also got some awesome, and I mean amazing, pieces for Christmas, and also used some Christmas money to get some new items for this space.

Ok yall, are you ready to see how it all came together? I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of this space! Eek, here we go!


Ok, yall here is my prized possession! The large, vintage, wooden dough bowl my parents got for me for Christmas!! I die. It is amazing. I have been wanting one of these bad boys for a long, long time. But they are way, way expensive. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I was thrilled about this piece. My mom just totally gets me and my style and it is amazing all the neat things she finds for me. Funny story with this dough bowl too. So on Christmas Eve we were sitting in my parents’ living room, and I noticed this all wrapped up and sitting there. By the shape of it, I thought, oh Lord please let that be what I think it is! Well, my mom told me it was a thing to slide under the cars for my dad. So they semi tricked me! I was still holding out hope it was a dough bowl, but she was very convincing. On Christmas morning, we have a tradition where all the presents get divided out and we each go one by one opening gifts so everyone can see what everyone got. Well my dad was up first. He opened all his other gifts then got to the big one. He was making a big deal about how he had the largest gift and all that good stuff and started opening it up–so I thought it definitely wasn’t for me then!– and what do you know! It was a dough bowl!! He was like, well I don’t know what I’m going to do with this! So yeah, they got me! But what an amazing gift it is!!

Candle Chandelier: Hobby Lobby–on clearance for $20!–our house was built in the 70s, and the living room is the only room with no overhead lights, so we use lamps, so when I saw this I had to have it!

Candle Sticks: JoAnns and Hobby Lobby


Here’s the entryway bench area! It is so light and bright! One of the first things I did for this space after Christmas was buy some new curtains. I got these sheer, linen and jute beauties from World Market! I have the same ones in my home office and love them. They bring in so much light and are so airy! I scored that awesome Industrial sign at The Depot at Gibson Mill along with the old washtub–which you may remember seeing pumpkins in it and mini Christmas trees!

M sign: Hobby Lobby

Bench: DIY by Mr. Cozy Cat using Shanty 2 Chic Plans

Cotton: Local Antique Store


A view from my recliner!


The boys on a freak day in December when it was warm enough to open the windows!

Old Screen: Vintage

Grapevine Wreath: Hobby Lobby

Posted Sign: Vintage

Ticking Stripe Chair: Vintage




I bought these candle stick holders back in the summer and got them on clearance from Hobby Lobby and JoAnns! All of them were under $5 each!




My tobacco basket got a makeover! DIY cotton wreath I made for myself, because pre-made ones are too expensive. I bought the grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby, got the cotton from Hobby Lobby and local antique stores, and the burlap bow from Hobby Lobby too. I just wove the stems through the grapevine wreath and came up with this!


This piece for some reason reminds me of summers at my grandmaw’s and being in the kitchen with my grandmaw and granny baking with the curtains blowing in the summer breeze. I have such sweet memories with those ladies, and for some reason this just makes me think of them.

Sifter: Vintage

Greenery: Hobby Lobby






Here is a close up view of the old screen from the previous post! Just look at the age and patina! Swoon!


A little shelfie action! In a previous post I mentioned how these shelves were made from tobacco sticks–Mr. Cozy Cat built them for me!




Moss: Hobby Lobby




Overhead Shelf: Hobby Lobby–from the craft section, Mr. Cozy Cat stained it for me and added new knobs!








I love this picture and this chandelier! You can see that Arnold loves his spot on the back of the couch!


Look at that sweet face!


I’m a little pillow and throw happy!






NC Pillow Covers: Etsy

Our Nest Pillow: Local Antique Store

Throws: Tuesday Morning


One thing I hardly ever get photos of is the gorgeous TV cabinet Mr. Cozy Cat built for us when we first move into our home. Here is the top shelves of the cabinet! Styled simply and perfectly!

And there you have it yall! I hope you enjoyed this little tour! I also hope you found some things that inspired you! Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!


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