Farmhouse Style Kitchen Reveal  7

Hey yall!

Look at me all getting better at posting some blog entries in a more timely fashion! Whoop whoop! Last time I posted I shared with yall our newly renovated dining room. Today I wanted to share with yall our newly updated kitchen! Eek!

So every year after Christmas I go through a refresh phase. I want completely new pieces in the house, and I want to freshen up the decor. It is one of my favorite times of the year! It definitely helps get over the Christmas being gone depression! This year I wanted to transform the house using mainly neutrals and wood tones. This mix is just so soothing to me and calming. My life feels crazy and hectic and out of control Monday-Friday, so when I come home I like peace and serenity. These colors and textures help bring me that. It also is just the farmhouse style I love and adore! So I was on a mission to bring this to my house. I went on a shopping spree–using all cash!– (which reminds me, I haven’t updated yall on my no credit card using status–I’m 5 months sober of using my credit card!!! Praise!!) and gathered all kinds of goodies for the kitchen. I wanted a very old, farmhouse/old general store feel to the room. The local antique stores back home in NC are my best friend, and I found most of my pieces from those stores, along with the help of World Market, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx!

So before we go any farther in this post, when I first started blogging I used to tell yall what music I was listening to. If you don’t know or if I haven’t told you, I am a huge music junkie. My favorite eras are the 60s-90s. Wide range I know, but I’m everywhere and in between from The Temptations to Nirvana. I love it all. So this evening, my blogging is being fueled by coffee, David Bowie, and Nirvana!

Ok, now back on topic here, I’ve put together some of my favorite pictures I have taken recently of our kitchen and wanted to post them all here together for yall to see! I’ll post where some of the items came from to help give you an idea if you find something that inspires you! And I hope you do find something that inspires you! Alrighty friends here we go!


Ok first off, I have been wanting a vintage chicken feeder for some time now. I have a funny story that goes along with this find! My mom, brother, and I were at The Depot at Gibson Mill one Saturday, and my eye caught this beauty. I ran over to the boothe and saw the price tag–only $24.99!! My heart was skipping beats. Well I found this back in October, and there was hay all in this and it was filled with plates. I carefully pulled the plates out, and then imagine the scene from The Christmas Story when the dad gets his prized leg lamp. He’s tearing through the hay to get to it. Yep, that was me. Tearing through the hay to get this bad boy in my buggy. All the while my brother is asking what the heck I’m going to do with this thing. Oh I had plans alright! When my hubby saw it, he about died when I told him I was bringing it into the kitchen! This was the very first thing I styled after I put away all the Christmas decor. It just makes me heart happy!

Chicken feeder: vintage

Plates and Mugs: Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart

Antiques Sign: Local antique store, but this looks like a piece that could easily be a DIY with a piece of thin wood and paint!


Drawer: Local Antique Store

Glass Medicine bottles: Vintage

Middle Glass Vase: JoAnns

Greenery: Garland strand broke apart from Hobby Lobby


Our new and improved coffee station makes my heart sing!! We moved our old kitchen island over to this nook and made this look so much more general store style! It is even complete with a old cash register! I was gifted this beauty (cash register) and will cherish it forever! My hubby built and stained the open shelving for me! Almost every piece shown was picked at antique shops, except for the white plates and mugs, which are from The Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart and the glass canisters which are from Hobby Lobby.


Mug Holder: World Market

Mugs: TJ Maxx


A different angle from the open shelving at the coffee station.


Plates: Dollar Tree

Mason Jar: Vintage


Now here is the jewel of the kitchen! My husband, Mr. Cozy Cat, is super talented, even though he won’t admit it! He has built us a lot of things for our home, and he does a super job. He built me this cabinet using pre-made cabinets from Lowes, molding pieces, wood, and some other knick knacks from Lowes! It gives us so much more storage! Our kitchen is not small, but it is not big by any means! This is a gorgeous piece and very functional! He worked so hard on this, I am so proud of him!


A view looking from the kitchen down the hallway downstairs.


A front view of the island! So simple and classic. Just what I like! It is hard to see, but the sign above the stove and microwave says “Grocery”. I bought it from Hobby Lobby a while back and it was red with cream letters. Well, it didn’t fit my color palette anymore, but I loved the sign, and it is huge. So instead of giving it to a new home, I decided to buy some chalk paint and craft paint. I traced the letters by hand and filled the sign in with new paint! I’ll have to post a before and after picture for yall. It is such a difference! I love the new look so much!

Barstool: Wal-Mart

Kitty: Rescued…hehe!


Another view of this little nook on the countertop! I found the seed tray behind this vignette while out picking! I like the layers it gives to this vignette and the texture!


Tray: Hobby Lobby

Crock and Rolling Pins: Vintage

Butter Holder: TJ Maxx

Flour Sack Towel: Hobby Lobby


Drawers: Vintage

Mugs: Wal-Mart

Greenery: Hobby Lobby


Some other little goodies!


This wall here is one of my prides and joys! I found this market sign at a local antique store in a fabulous booth. I picked the barnwood there with the perfect age and patina. Then I had an idea of hanging up grain sacks, burlap sacks, and flour sack towels. I love the way it turned out! So different and unique for our space!


Window over the sink!

Sign: World Market




My DIY aged and distressed corbels found a home! My hubby made these for me as well because I haven’t bit the bullet and bought myself some real, antique wooden corbels. I will eventually, but I love what he made for me! I used some craft and chalk paint on these then used a vinegar and water solution to age and distress them! They are sitting cozy in a vintage circle dough bowl with some greenery and vintage mail!







And there you have it sweet friends! Some of the new (well a lot of old!) pieces that found a home in our kitchen! I am in love with the way it all came together and turned out. Now my February allowance is about to come (Yep, I get an allowance! Ha! But it helps me keep on track and not over spend!), and I am sure I will be buying/pickin’ some new things for this space! Of course I will share with yall any updates! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, come on over and follow me for my latest updates! Also, you can find me on Pinterest to see all the things that inspire me! I’d love to see you there!

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