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Hey yall!

So before I get into the topic at hand, I just have to tell yall the exciting news! I can officially say that my last day of teaching will be May 13th!! Eek!! They approved my resignation last night at their meeting! I will truly miss working with the kids and actually teaching, but with the way the education system is going, I am glad to be getting out! My heart was just not into it anymore. So now the final stages of this process is selling this house and buying a new one! Phew! I can do this yall! I just have to keep the faith and know things will work out as they should!

Ok, so back on track here! So I have a new latest mini obsession. I confess! Have yall seen those adorable hanging prints that have a strip of wood on the top and bottom (a lot have antlers on them or botanical pictures) and hang by a thick thread? Well I love them! I popped over to several websites to get my hands on some, but when I saw the price I stopped dead in my tracks. EEEERRRRK. Breaks on! They are over $100. Now I mean, they are good quality I am sure, and they are perfect, but I did not want to pay that much for them personally at this time!

So the other day I was coloring in one of my new grown up coloring books, and a light bulb just went off. BING! This coloring book in particular has the really nice sturdy paper and very simple, elegant nature prints on it. I thought, hey, I can color some of these and easily find some wood to make my own! And save a huge chunk of money, but get a similar look! So today I wanted to show yall what I came up with! Now, I just randomly colored a picture just to show yall my idea! You could easily find a different coloring book with different pictures, draw your own sketches on sketch paper, or even trace something onto paper! Especially if you want the antlers and botanical prints that are so trendy right now! Mine are smaller than the ones that are being sold due to it being a coloring page, but it seriously has me all content over here until I one day decide I want to pay that much for the real thing! Or make my brother draw something for me on bigger paper, and I can make my own again! The perks of having a graphic designer brother! ūüėČ

Ok, are yall ready to see what I came up with??


Sweet Lenny baby thought he needed to model the coloring book for yall! I bought this at JoAnn Fabrics and used a coupon and got this super cheap! I have seen a lot like this lately, and you can get them online!


My cheap supplies! $1.99 utility wood pieces from the craft wood section at Hobby Lobby and .99 cent glue sticks!

14 Supplies again


And here is what I cam up with at the end! I seriously just glued the wood pieces to the paper–yep with the kid glue! I had a piece of thread laying around from previous projects and since we are in the process of moving I couldn’t find my hot glue gun! So¬†what does this girl use to make sure the thread stays? Uses 2 tacks! Ha! I just put the tacks on opposites ends of the top wood piece and tied the string around. Tacks not photoed above!


It is stormy here today so the lightening is not the best, but you get the jist!


Up close view! You could easily paint the wood to make it darker if you wanted! I’m digging the natural wood look this season so I decided not to paint it!



I love how it fills this space!



You can’t tell in the picture, but the flowers are a light lavender! So springy and clean.





And there you have it yall! Easy, easy, easy! Now I know it isn’t perfect like the online places, but it works for me–and was tremendously cheaper! Whoop whoop! What do yall think?

Now I have to go pet wipe Lenny down again to make sure I got all the glue out of his tail! HA! He thought he was being helpful and then decided to sit on the glue stick! Oh Leonard!

Until next time!


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