April In Review and Living Situation News!  2

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So yesterday and the day before I was definitely in a funk. As most of you know, I have anxiety, and the past couple days were tough! But today, I am feeling more like myself so I wanted to blog some! I wanted to talk to yall about 2 things: what is going to be happening with our living situation and also giving you a recap of April in pictures! So the first thing I definitely want to talk about is what is going to happen with our living situation! Can yall believe this upcoming week is my last week in West Virginia?? Oh My Gosh!! That right there gets me out of my funk! The hubs will be coming up this weekend, and we are going to start the process of moving! It’s so surreal. So exciting though! If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I have been having major stress due to the fact that our house is still on the market and has not sold. Ok, so seriously it has only been 3 weeks on the market, but to someone like me, it feels like a year has passed. Oh anxiety. I’ve shed many tears over the fact that it hasn’t sold yet. I’ve mentioned in my past posts that we will be staying with Nick’s parents until our home sells so we don’t have to pay 2 mortgages. I’ve also mentioned that I am a huge nester and am constantly in a state of nesting. I love to be at home and work on things and redecorate. It is my zen. So even though this staying with his parents isn’t permanent, I still feel a little sad. I won’t be in my own environment with my things–I know that sounds awful yall, but I just like to be in my own space. I know it is not a big deal and there is so much to be grateful for, but living with anxiety makes everything seem like a big deal. I have been working on my anxiety and some days are better than others! I just got to keep reminding myself that this is not permanent! And at least we are at home!

Ok, so about our little living situation back home–I am ready to divulge all! Ha! I have debated whether or not I would even talk about this on here (because my anxiety is always there and I can just hear some people laughing and thinking down upon me), but then I figured why not?? I have got to quit worrying about what others think! I’m an open book and like to share my experiences with yall! Ok, so promise you won’t laugh or judge me? So, I told yall in previous posts and just now that Nick and I would be staying with this parents–they have a little more space than my parents’ house–that way we wouldn’t have to rush into buying a new home down there and have to settle and also to save us from having to pay 2 mortgages. That is a smart decision. Well, yall, Nick’s parents recently bought one of those big campers that has the kitchen and all the other little works too. So Nick thought it would be interesting to stay in the camper instead of the house so we have more privacy and our fur babies don’t mix with his parents’ cats (yes, we are the helicopter parents! HA!)…so yall until our house sells here (or for a few months–whatever comes first) the hubs and I will be staying in a camper at Nick’s parents house. LORD HELP ME! HAHA! When Nick first mentioned it, I busted out laughing and kindly reminded him that I don’t even like camping. HA! But after seeing the camper and going over the pros, I decided to give this a go. Hey, it will be an experience that we will never forget! I’m looking at it as an adventure! This past weekend we went and bought some things to make it feel more like a little home, and really it is feeling quaint and charming. I’m looking at this as a little vacation, and the hubby’s parents house will be right there so I can always go over there and relax! They also have a pool and a nice fire pit area so we can enjoy that as well! The hubs joked I can go work on my tan during the day and drink Sangria by the pool! HA! But seriously, that sounds perfect! So as crazy as this whole thing sounds, it is smart. We are saving money that can go towards increasing our down payment (and yall know the better the down payment, the better the monthly mortgage payment–whoop whoop!) when the time is right to buy a house, we have our privacy, and we are fully taking on this whole new adventure outlook. I’m kinda excited. Now I am not going to lie, over the past week and weekend, I went through my mixed emotions I was talking about earlier. The crazy, what are we doing??!! emotion and then the more calm emotion. And believe me, I so wish our home up here was already under contract and we could just move right into a new home back home in NC. But God has another plan for us and I just have to trust in Him. This house will sell, and then we can move into the home we are destined to have! Maybe during this time, I can finally convince Nick to let me have my farmhouse (eventually, I’ll have one, but he says not at the moment!) now! Hehe, maybe that is God’s plan, right yall?! That in this time Nick will change his mind and say hey, let’s get that farmhouse! A girl can dream right?! Hey, the hubs told me I could use his room in his parents’ house to put all my “junk” in–he told me I could go shop and just store things there until we move into our actual home. Aww, isn’t he the sweetest? Ha! He said I could just go in there and be one with the junk, goodness, but seriously he knows me so well! Ha!

So yall, we are going to be the crazy people for a while, but hey, I think this is the right decision. I’m going to have a new section on our website up called The Camper Chronicles, where I will write about our time in the camper, like a little diary. So stay tuned for that! Like I have said earlier too, I have a lot of things lined up for when we do get back home! One thing I am going to be getting more into is my healthy lifestyle. I go through ups and downs with my weight, I always have! I’ve never really mentioned that here on my blog, but hey, again, why not?? Teaching has put so much stress on me and my health. I feel unhealthy. I’m ready to get this stress off me and be able to focus on getting myself healthy again! I’m excited to get back to the gym on a regular basis and focus a lot of my energy into that! I know it will help a lot with my anxiety as well. I also want to start making my blog/website a priority again! I have a lot of ideas that I am excited to get underway! Another thing I am ready to focus on is my little children’s book series featuring my fur babies (check out my blog/website to see what I’m talking about!) There are so many other things I have up my sleeves, and I am ready to take on these new experiences! And bear with me if I have slight freak out moments where I think we are crazy and have made a mistake! Ha!

Alright yall, so the next thing I wanted to talk to yall about is my April in review! April was a wonderful month overall for us! The hubs started his new job that he loves, I got approved to resign on May 13th, and we have had some good junkin’ finds! I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from April with yall if you don’t mind! Alrighty here we go!













































And there you have it yall! Some candid news and a little review! I can’t wait to share with yall more about this new little adventure we are taking! Hey, I have always wished I was a free spirit, go with the flow type person! Now here is my chance to be! Ha! It is going to be a huge adjustment, but it is not permanent! I am so excited to take Arnold and Lenny home! They have never traveled before, so this will be huge for them! Trust me, I will document that little adventure as well! Ha! They will probably not be thrilled with the road trip! Stay tuned!

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Wow! This is going to be an Amazingly Wild adventure! I just love your heart and your spirit! I heard something the other day and I just loved it, “Home is not a place…it’s a feeling” I think you have made the perfect choice and can’t wait to hear about the road trip with the fur babies!

Aww! Yvette your sweet words just make me feel happy! I love that quote! That is definitely going to be true in our case for a little while! I can’t wait to share the journey with yall! 🙂

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