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Hey yall!

So I’m in a completely different blogging atmosphere than usual! Usually I am either in my home office or lounging in the recliner with my fur babies at my feet. Well today I am coming to you live from my parents’ house in NC on my mom’s laptop! Luckily, we have similar ones, so I got used to typing on it fast! I am home for the weekend for appointments, figuring out our new living situation at Nick’s parents’ house–luckily only about 15 minutes from my parents’ house!–, family time, and shopping!

So you may wonder why I decided to blog, well that would be because all my family and husband are at work, and I am waiting for them to get home! Today, I wanted to share with yall a little mini tour of my most favorite place ever–The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord, NC. I went there this morning right when it opened, and it was Heaven! Sunshine pouring down on all the old, chippy, brick exterior, a train passing by, and like no one there! It is typically packed, and I mean packed, unless you go right when it opens on a weekday. When I treasure hunt, I like to do it in the quiet, with no crowds. I get into a zone. Who else is like that? So being able to roam the aisles up and down a couple times freely was blissful! I was able to really take my time and enjoy just being alone in the junk! Oh sweet paradise!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about The Depot, and what it is like. Yall, it is magic! When I went for the first time, my life was changed! Ha! Seriously, though I found my style at this place. I finally figured out what my style was, and it was just magically when it clicked. Farmhouse style and me are best friends. So instead of just always telling yall what it is like, I figured I would snap a pictures while I was there to give yall an idea of what kind of things they have! Before I go any further, let me give yall some specks on the place! Ok, it is 88,000 square feet. Yall, 88,000 square feet of chippy, rusty, old treasures! It used to be a mill that made bedding! When you walk in, it has beautiful, old hardwood floors, and the aisles have different little names that are associated with Cabarrus County. You just walk in and you can feel the nostalgia.

So now I want to give you the mini tour! Mini it is because I could not get pictures of everything! Even what I got pictures of doesn’t show you the range of styles and items they have. But this will give you an idea of the quality that is there, because they have quality items! Ok, are yall ready??

Welcome to The Depot yall!


Oh chippy brick, I think I love you!


Just look at this cover over the “porch/deck” area. I swoon. I die. HA!


Ok, just stop!


Be still my heart! So when you come up to the Depot, you walk up to the deck like part first–it is a beautiful greeting!


I can’t handle the chippy wood and brick! I’ll just move in now!



Ok, so now that I have showed you some of the exterior, let’s take a tour of some of these amazing booths! These vendors are incredible yall! The things they have in here are just magic. Perfect antiques! And here we go!



So this is loooooooovvveee! As I sing to the iron stone and farm table!


This old horse head post really caught my eye! I have a replica one I got from the At Home store so I decided to refrain–for now!


This old display cabinet gets me everytime! You can’t see all the chippy, distress on it, but it is amazing!


And I’m sure yall have heard of Olde Tyme Marketplace! Her booth at the Depot is true perfection!


Another shot from her booth–SWOON!




Do yall spy that humungous cotton wreath on the window??


When I came to this booth, I seriously could have jumped up and down and squealed like a kid! Amazing, amazing! I am pretty sure the name of the vendor is Urban Farmhouse! Not positive though, but they have several booths throughout the Depot, and they are amazing!


More from that booth–That sign needed to come home with me–just saying! But I kept hearing my hubby’s voice saying NOOOO more signs! HA!




Look at this cabinet!


Oh that scale! It almost jumped in my buggy. I had to run away fast so it wouldn’t! HAHA!


These old medicine bottles were awesome! I should have gotten better pictures of the labels!









Alright yall! So there is your sneak peek, mini tour! What do yall think?? I seriously could live here, just like it is. Bring a bed, TV, and fridge up to the front, and I’d be set! Oh and my fur babies and hubby! Ha! I can’t wait to show yall the goodies I got! Hint–one thing is a tulip bulb crate from Holland!!!! EEEEEEKKKK!

Once I got back here to my parents’ house I had to go sit on the porch on this gorgeous day with our sweet Nester dog! I’ll leave you with 2 pictures from our porch sitting! Until next time! XoXo




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