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A Mini Tour of The Depot At Gibson Mill  0

Hey yall!

So I’m in a completely different blogging atmosphere than usual! Usually I am either in my home office or lounging in the recliner with my fur babies at my feet. Well today I am coming to you live from my parents’ house in NC on my mom’s laptop! Luckily, we have similar ones, so I got used to typing on it fast! I am home for the weekend for appointments, figuring out our new living situation at Nick’s parents’ house–luckily only about 15 minutes from my parents’ house!–, family time, and shopping! Read more

DIY Hanging Print  0

Hey yall!

So before I get into the topic at hand, I just have to tell yall the exciting news! I can officially say that my last day of teaching will be May 13th!! Eek!! They approved my resignation last night at their meeting! I will truly miss working with the kids and actually teaching, but with the way the education system is going, I am glad to be getting out! My heart was just not into it anymore. So now the final stages of this process is selling this house and buying a new one! Phew! I can do this yall! I just have to keep the faith and know things will work out as they should! Read more

Candid Sunday and Our Home Tour  4

Happy Sunday Yall!

Can yall believe the weekend is almost over again?? Sundays are really hard for me–and I can’t wait to be able to share why that has been lately. So I have some Coldplay blasting–Paradise, it is very comforting for the soul right now! Read more