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Farmhouse Style Living Room Update  0

Hey yall!

Ok, so the coffee in our house must be really strong because how is it possible that me, Keeley, has gotten two blog posts done back to back in two consecutive day?! This is some kind of snow miracle or something! I have felt very motivated, rested, and alive since not having to go to work! I know a lot of yall understand who have very mentally and emotionally trying jobs! I will be so glad when June comes so that I can move on from this that has been holding me back! I cannot wait to feel this alive, free, and happy everyday! I mean seriously, I could cry thinking about that. How much healthier I will be and just happy! I think that may give you some clue into some big changes coming our way! 😉 Read more

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Reveal  7

Hey yall!

Look at me all getting better at posting some blog entries in a more timely fashion! Whoop whoop! Last time I posted I shared with yall our newly renovated dining room. Today I wanted to share with yall our newly updated kitchen! Eek! Read more

Happy 2016!–Yeah I Am Really Behind!  4

Hey yall!

Ok, so it is clearly a new year, and I haven’t posted to the blog since before Christmas…it is shameful! I hope yall are having a fabulous 2016 so far! The new year is definitely being good to me so far, and I am excited knowing that this is the year of big change! Yay! It excites me everyday knowing that these changes are coming. I still can’t give all the details yet, because we still don’t have all the answers ourselves, but I can say that the big change has to do with me and my career. I will be so happy when I can tell yall everything, and when we have more details for ourselves to see what else will be changing for us!  Read more