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Today, I Feel Human Again!  0

Hey yall!

So the title of my post my sound weird, but when I explain it, you will totally understand! I have not blogged in a while due to the new school year starting up. For those of you just following along (thanks for reading!) I am a 2nd grade teacher and school just recently started again!

Ok, so let me explain the title of my post. I have heard so many teacher friends use this term, and I totally get it. For the past 2 and a half weeks, I have lived and breathed school. I’ve literally had no life. I’ve worked (and don’t get me wrong, I love it!), and worked and worked. When I get home all I have wanted to do was lay on the couch and go to sleep. Our job is so stressful and you have to be 100% dedicated. I try to go to sleep at night and all I can think about are things I need to do and what can I do with this topic. The first week is brutal for all teachers. We have so much paperwork to do, we are trying to get into a routine, and we work extremely long hours. And did I mention we can’t even go to the bathroom when we want to? Ha! I’m not complaining. I just am trying to give you an idea of my world the past few weeks! Read more

The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut: Cats Edition  2

Hey yall!

It is time for another edition of The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut! This week I had a ton of pictures of my fur children on my phone, so I thought it would be fun to have this week’s pictures focused on our kitty babies! Read more

How To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home  0

Hey yall!

So today as I was cleaning up the house and straightening things up, I thought of a post to write! So I have mentioned before that over the past year I have finally found my style! Yay! I felt like I would like something for a while, then totally get over it. Am I the only one like this? This year everything finally clicked, and I found my decor style…Farmhouse Style! Where has this been all my life? All the money I could have saved if I would have found this sooner! I’m sure that would have made Mr. Cozy Cat and his wallet very happy too!

Today I want to give you tips on how to add farmhouse style to your home. I get asked a lot about how I get all my pieces together. Friends also mention that they think it would be hard to pull everything together. But friends, it really isn’t! If you have the tips, you can easily add this style to your home. Trust me! Read more

It’s August and I’m Dreaming of Fall  4

Hey yall!

Happy August! The month of August is a roller coaster ride for teachers: nervous, excited, and sad all at the same time! Yall get me. Now the one good thing about August that never lets me down is the fact that we are getting so close to fall! My favorite season. I am already in full swing of planning for decorating our house for fall/Halloween. Ah, the anticipation is killing me! As soon as September 1st rolls around, BAM!, my house will be in full fall mode. Decorations everywhere. Much to Mr. Cozy Cat’s despair–he loves the season, but not my decorating mania. He thinks it is extreme. Me extreme? Never! Read more